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अभिधेयता f. abhidheyatA signification
विवक्षा f. vivakSA signification
अर्थग्रहण n. arthagrahaNa signification
अभिधेय n. abhidheya signification
उपादानलक्षणा f. upAdAnalakSaNA implied signification
समर्थता f. samarthatA force or signification
समर्थत्व n. samarthatva force or signification
एकसम्प्रत्यय m. ekasampratyaya having the same signification
शक्ति f. zakti power or signification of a word
शब्दशक्ति f. zabdazakti force or signification of a word
अमर m. amara mystical signification of the letter u
सामर्थ्य n. sAmarthya sameness of aim or object or meaning or signification
शक्तिग्राहक m. zaktigrAhaka who or what causes to apprehend the force or signification
प्रवृत्तिनिमित्त n. pravRttinimitta reason for the use of any term in the particular significations which it bears
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