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उपमा f. upamA simile
उत्प्रेक्षा f. utprekSA simile
आक्षेपरूपक n. AkSeparUpaka simile
उपमान n. upamAna simile
रूपक n. rUpaka simile
विक्रियोपमा f. vikriyopamA kind of simile
अनियमोपमा f. aniyamopamA kind of simile
आचिख्यासोपमा f. AcikhyAsopamA kind of simile
रशनोपमा f. razanopamA form of simile
स्वरूपोत्प्रेक्षा f. svarUpotprekSA kind of simile
इवोपमा f. ivopamA kind of simile
उत्प्रेक्षावयव m. utprekSAvayava kind of simile
क्रम m. krama kind of simile
द्रव्यदीपक n. dravyadIpaka kind of simile
अन्तर्गतोपमा f. antargatopamA concealed simile
अन्योन्योपमा f. anyonyopamA reciprocal simile
एकाङ्गरूपक n. ekAGgarUpaka incomplete simile
असदृसोपम n. asadRsopama dissimilar simile
प्रतिवस्तूपमा f. prativastUpamA simile or parallel
अतिशयोपमा f. atizayopamA exaggerated simile
उत्प्रेक्षते verb utprekSate { utprekS } illustrate by a simile
उत्प्रेक्षितोपमा f. utprekSitopamA kind of upamA or simile
उत्प्रेक्ष्य adj. utprekSya to expressed by a simile
उत्प्रेक्षण n. utprekSaNa illustrating by a simile
चटूपमा f. caTUpamA flattery said in a simile
अद्भुतोपमा f. adbhutopamA simile implying a miracle
उत्प्रेक्षणीय adj. utprekSaNIya to he expressed by a simile
समुच्चयोपमा f. samuccayopamA simile containing the above
अधिकोपम adj. adhikopama containing a redundant simile
माला f. mAlA series of epithets or similes
लुप्तोपमा f. luptopamA mutilated or imperfect simile
हेतूत्प्रेक्षा f. hetUtprekSA simile accompanied with reasons
हेतूपमा f. hetUpamA simile accompanied with reasons
अभूतोपमा f. abhUtopamA simile implying an impossibility
दार्ष्टान्त adj. dArSTAnta explained by an example or simile
सोपम adj. sopama containing a simile or comparison
असम्भावितोपमा f. asambhAvitopamA simile that implies an impossibility
तत्त्वाख्यानोपमा f. tattvAkhyAnopamA simile expressing or stating any truth
निदर्शना f. nidarzanA particular form of a simile or comparison
दार्ष्टान्तिक m. dArSTAntika one who uses an example or simile as a proof
अर्थोपम n. arthopama simile which merely states the object of comparison
क्रियादीपक n. kriyAdIpaka simile in which a verb forms the Tertium comparationis
अवयविरूपक n. avayavirUpaka simile by which two things are only compared as wholes
अपह्नुति f. apahnuti using a simile in other than its true or obvious application
वाक्यार्थोपमा f. vAkyArthopamA simile in which the resemblance of two things is specified in detail
समानोपमा f. samAnopamA simile in which the common term is one in sound but yields two senses
अवयवरूपक n. avayavarUpaka simile by which two things are only compared with regard to their parts
गुणदीपक n. guNadIpaka simile in which a word denoting a quality forms the tertium comparationis
जातिदीपक n. jAtidIpaka kind of simile in which two statements are made with respect to a generic word
नियमोपमा f. niyamopamA simile which expressly states that something can be compared only with something else
धर्मोपमा f. dharmopamA simile in which two things are compared with regard to a common characteristic peculiarity
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