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क्षेत्र n. kSetra site
अवसान n. avasAna site [building]
उपक्रम m. upakrama beginning [home page of a web site]
द्वितीयस्थल n. dvitIyasthala beta site [computer]
उपान्त्यस्थल n. upAntyasthala beta site [computer]
प्रतिस्थान n. pratisthAna mirror site [computer]
स्थानीयानुमति f. sthAnIyAnumati site license [computer]
स्थानीयाज्ञापत्र n. sthAnIyAjJApatra site license [computer]
अवसान n. avasAna building site
ई-व्यापारस्थल n. I-vyApArasthala e-trading site [computer]
वै-व्यापारस्थल n. vai-vyApArasthala e-trading site [computer]
अवसान n. avasAna construction site
पदवी f. padavI site
खल m. khala site
अधिवास m. adhivAsa site
दाय m. dAya site
परिसर m. parisara site
स्थान n. sthAna site
अधिष्ठान n. adhiSThAna site
धिष्ण्य n. dhiSNya site
भवन n. bhavana site
पद n. pada site
आस्थान n. AsthAna site
केतन n. ketana site
वास्तु n. vAstu site
वाटिका f. vATikA site of a house
अट्टस्थली f. aTTasthalI site of an aTTa
वाटी f. vATI site of a house
वाट m. vATa site of a house
आयतन n. Ayatana site of a house
जगत् n. jagat site of a house
सन्दंश m. sandaMza site of a village
स्वत्वास्पद n. svatvAspada site of ownership
सौवास्तव adj. sauvAstava having a good site
वेश्मभू f. vezmabhU site of a habitation
मल्लभू f. mallabhU site of any conflict
गृहपोतक m. gRhapotaka site of a habitation
धान n. dhAna site of a habitation
यशोधामन् n. yazodhAman site or abode of glory
परिष्ठल n. pariSThala surrounding place or site
स्योन n. syona pleasant site or situation
आयतनत्व n. Ayatanatva state of being the site of
कष्टस्थान n. kaSTasthAna disagreeable place or site
स्वप्नस्थान n. svapnasthAna site or locality of a dream
स्थानिक adj. sthAnika belonging to a place or site
पोतक m. potaka site or foundation of a house
वास्तु n. vAstu site or foundation of a house
गौष्ठीन n. gauSThIna site of an old and abandoned cow-pen
यथावास्तु ind. yathAvAstu in accordance with the site or ground
कुट्टिम m.n. kuTTima ground prepared for the site of a mansion
तलिम n. talima ground prepared for the site of a dwelling
विन्यास m. vinyAsa any site or receptacle on or in which anything is deposited
व्याप्य n. vyApya that which may be the site or locality of universal pervasion or of an invariably concomitant cause or characteristic
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