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भावः f. bhAvaH situation
अवस्था f. avasthA situation
स्थिति f. sthiti situation
परिस्थिति m. paristhiti situation
प्रान्त-परिस्थिति f. prAnta-paristhiti critical situation [Mil.]
भवान् एतादृशीं गतिं प्रापयेत् इति मया स्वप्ने अपि न चिन्तितम् आसीत् sent. bhavAn etAdRzIM gatiM prApayet iti mayA svapne api na cintitam AsIt I had not even dreamt that you may get into a situation like this.
किङ्कर्तव्यता f. kiGkartavyatA any situation or circumstances in which one asks one's self what ought to be done?
भूमि f. bhUmi situation
पदवी f. padavI situation
गति f. gati situation
संनिवेश m. saMniveza situation
वास m. vAsa situation
विन्यय m. vinyaya situation
अवस्थान n. avasthAna situation
स्थानक n. sthAnaka situation
स्थल n. sthala situation
निर्वहति verb nirvahati { nirvah } lead out of [situation, etc]
दुर्दशा f. durdazA bad situation
दुरवस्था f. duravasthA bad situation
कष्टस्थान n. kaSTasthAna bad situation
उद्देश m. uddeza high situation
उच्चपद n. uccapada high situation
उच्चैःपद n. uccaiHpada high situation
भयस्थ n. bhayastha perilous situation
दुर्गम n. durgama difficult situation
सौस्थित्य n. sausthitya auspicious situation
मध्यस्थता f. madhyasthatA intermediate situation
अवसर m avasara advantageous situation
नीच्य m. nIcya to be in a low situation
ईदृगवस्थ adj. IdRgavastha being in such a situation
आस्ते verb 2 Aste { As } continue in any situation
स्थानाभाव m. sthAnAbhAva want of place or situation
स्योन n. syona pleasant site or situation
वस्तुस्थिति f. vastusthiti actual or current situation
पुलिनप्रदेश m. pulinapradeza situation or place of an island
स्थानप्राप्ति f. sthAnaprApti obtainment of a place or situation
स्थानदीप्त adj. sthAnadIpta inauspicious on account of situation
कृच्छ्र adj. kRcchra being in a difficult or painful situation
स्थिति f. sthiti any situation or state or position or abode
सङ्गितकपद n. saGgitakapada situation or office at a conceit or theatre
स्थलीय adj. sthalIya relating or belonging to a situation or case
उपास्ते verb upAste { upAs } remain or continue in any action or situation
इतिकरण n. itikaraNa introducing word iti under specific situations
स्थानक n. sthAnaka particular point or situation in dramatic action
गर्भ m. garbha situation in a drama when the complication of the plot has reached its height
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