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सिवक m. sivaka one who sews or stitches
सिवक m. sivaka sewer
सीवक m. sIvaka sewer
सीवक m. sIvaka also see sIvana
सिवक m. sivaka stitcher
शिवक m. zivaka idol or image of ziva
शिवक m. zivaka pillar or post to which cows are tied
शिवकर adj. zivakara auspicious
शिवकर adj. zivakara causing happiness or prosperity
शिवकर adj. zivakara propitious
शिवकान्ता f. zivakAntA beloved of skanda
शिवखण्ड m. zivakhaNDa name of a chapter of the skandapurANa
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