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प्लुति f. pluti skipping
आस्कन्दम् ind. Askandam skipping
अनुच्चार m. anuccAra skipping words
अनुच्चारण n. anuccAraNa skipping words
ऊर्ध्वगति f. Urdhvagati act of skipping
शाखाचङ्क्रमण n. zAkhAcaGkramaNa skipping from branch to branch
मण्डूकोनुवत्ति fig. maNDUkonuvatti skipping over important intervals
मण्डूकानुवृत्ति f. maNDUkAnuvRtti skipping over or omitting at intervals
मण्डूकगति adj. maNDUkagati leaping like a frog i.e. skipping several sUtras
मण्डूकप्लुति f. maNDUkapluti skipping of several sUtras and supplying from a previous sUtra
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