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वध्यशिला f. vadhyazilA slaughter-house
सूना f. sUnA slaughter-house
सूनातटि f. sUnAtaTi slaughter-house
आघात m. AghAta slaughter-house
वधस्थान n. vadhasthAna slaughter-house
आघातस्थान n. AghAtasthAna slaughter-house
घातनस्थान n. ghAtanasthAna slaughter-house
घातस्थान n. ghAtasthAna slaughter-house
पराघातन n. parAghAtana slaughter-house
आघातन n. AghAtana slaughter-house
सौन adj. sauna belonging or relating to a slaughter-house or to butchery
सूनाचक्रध्वजवत् m. sUnAcakradhvajavat one who has a slaughter-house an oil-press a vintner's sign
सूनास्थ adj. sUnAstha being in a slaughter-house or in any place where animals are destroyed
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