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स्मार्त adj. smArta recorded in or based on the smRti
स्मार्त adj. smArta based on tradition
स्मार्त adj. smArta relating to memory
स्मार्त adj. smArta legal
स्मार्त adj. smArta versed in tradition
स्मार्त adj. smArta memorial
स्मार्त adj. smArta prescribed or sanctioned by traditional law or usage
स्मार्त m. smArta orthodox Brahman versed in or guided by traditional law and usage
स्मार्त n. smArta any act or rite enjoined by smRti
स्मार्त n. smArta legal act
स्मर्तव्य adj. smartavya to be remembered
स्मर्तव्य adj. smartavya living only in the memory
स्मर्तव्य adj. smartavya memorable
स्मार्तकाल m. smArtakAla period to which memory may extend
स्मार्तसूत्र n. smArtasUtra any sUtra work based on smRti
स्मार्तपण्डित m. smArtapaNDita smArta scholar or Brahman
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