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तनिष्ठ adj. taniSTha smallest
अल्पिष्ठ adj. alpiSTha smallest
क्षोदिष्ठ adj. kSodiSTha smallest
कनिष्ठ adj. kaniSTha smallest
कन्य adj. kanya the smallest
कन्यक adj. kanyaka the smallest
कन्यस adj. kanyasa the smallest
कनिष्ठ adj. kaniSTha the smallest
कनिष्ठक adj. kaniSThaka the smallest
अणिमन् n. aNiman smallest particle
ह्रसिष्ठ adj. hrasiSTha shortest or smallest
फलीकरण m. phalIkaraNa chaff or smallest grains
चरमाजा f. caramAjA last or smallest she-goat
पत्ति f. patti smallest division of an army
फालीकरण adj. phAlIkaraNa made of husks or the smallest grains
अपवर्त्य adj. apavartya to be reduced to the smallest quantity
दृढ adj. dRDha reduced to the last term or smallest number by a common divisor