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लेप m. lepa smearing
लेपन n. lepana smearing
उपलेपिन् adj. upalepin smearing
प्रलेपक adj. pralepaka smearing
कषाय adj. kaSAya smearing
लिपि f. lipi smearing
लिम्प m. limpa smearing
निकष m. nikaSa smearing
लिप m. lipa smearing
अनुलेपन n. anulepana smearing [act of]
समञ्जन n. samaJjana smearing
उपाञ्जन n. upAJjana smearing
प्रत्यञ्जन n. pratyaJjana smearing
आलेपन n. Alepana smearing
विलेपन n. vilepana smearing
प्रदेहन n. pradehana smearing
गोमुख n. gomukha smearing with
उपाङ्ग m. upAGga act of smearing
आलेप m. Alepa act of smearing
लेप m. lepa act of smearing
लेपन n. lepana act of smearing
भस्मलेपन n. bhasmalepana smearing with ashes
अमेध्यलेप m. amedhyalepa smearing with ordure
विलेपिन् adj. vilepin smearing or plastering over
प्रलेपन n. pralepana act of anointing or smearing
भस्मोद्धूलन n. bhasmoddhUlana smearing the body with ashes
चार्चिक्य n. cArcikya smearing the body with unguents
वर्णक adj. varNaka anything for smearing on the body
स्नेहन n. snehana rubbing or smearing with oil or unguents
स्थासक m. sthAsaka smearing or perfuming the body with unguents
अभिगमन n. abhigamana act of cleansing and smearing with cow-dung the way leading to the image of the deity
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