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मुक्षीजा f. mukSIjA snare
वागुरा f. vAgurA snare
आवेष्टक m. AveSTaka snare
व्लेष्क m. vleSka snare
पाशक m. pAzaka snare
उन्माथ m. unmAtha snare
ब्लेष्क m. bleSka snare
पाश m. pAza snare
पाशबन्ध m. pAzabandha snare
जालबन्ध m. jAlabandha snare
पाशबन्धन n. pAzabandhana snare
चार n. cAra snare
जाल n. jAla snare
ह्वरस् n. hvaras snare
अवपाशित adj. avapAzita snared
कौट adj. kauTa snared
पाशबद्ध adj. pAzabaddha snared
पाशित adj. pAzita snared
नियुनक्ति verb niyunakti { niyuj } set or lay [trap, snare etc]
निधा f. nidhA net or snare
पाशिन् adj. pAzin laying snares
इन्द्रवीरुध् f. indravIrudh indra's snare
परिपद् f. paripad trap or snare
कूटयन्त्र n. kUTayantra trap or snare
पाशबन्धन adj. pAzabandhana hanging in a snare
बृहज्जाल n. bRhajjAla large net or snare
दृढबन्धनबद्ध adj. dRDhabandhanabaddha caught fast in a snare
पाशिक m. pAzika one who snares animals
यमपाश m. yamapAza snare or noose of yama
वीरुध् f. vIrudh snare or noose of indra
अवपाशित adj. avapAzita having a snare laid upon
व्यसनवागुरा f. vyasanavAgurA net or snare of adversity
वरुणपाश m. varuNapAza water-god's snare or noose
कौटिक adj. kauTika relating to a snare or trap
कपालपाशिन् adj. kapAlapAzin bearing a skull and a snare
निधापति m. nidhApati possessor or bearer of snares
अयोजाल adj. ayojAla having or carrying iron snares
पातिली f. pAtilI trap or snare for catching deer
नाह m. nAha trap or snare for catching deer
लतापाश m. latApAza snare or festoon formed of creeper
मत्स्यधानी f. matsyadhAnI fish-basket or a kind of snare for catching fish
प्लव m. plava snare or basket of wicker-work for catching fish
माया f. mAyA one of the 4 pAzas or snares which entangle the soul
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