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सोदक adj. sodaka containing water
सोदक adj. sodaka having water
शोधक n. zodhaka filter [computer]
शोधकतन्त्रांश m. zodhakatantrAMza filtering software [computer]
सोदक adj. sodaka having or containing water
शोधक adj. zodhaka purificatory
शोधक m. zodhaka subtrahend
शोधक m. zodhaka corrector
शोधक m. zodhaka quantity to be subtracted from a number
शोधक m. zodhaka corrective
शोधक m. zodhaka purifier
शोधक n. zodhaka particular kind of earth
सौधाकर adj. saudhAkara relating or belonging to the moon
सौधाकर adj. saudhAkara lunar
सौधकार m. saudhakAra builder of a palace
सौधकार m. saudhakAra plasterer
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