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परकार्यसाधक m. parakAryasAdhaka solicitor
समभ्यर्थयते verb samabhyarthayate { samabhyarth } solicit
नाथते verb nAthate { nAth } solicit
सममते verb samamate { samam } solicit
याचते verb yAcate { yAc } solicit
अभियाचति verb abhiyAcati { abhiyAc } solicit
सम्प्रयाचते verb samprayAcate { samprayAc } solicit
याचति verb yAcati { yAc } solicit
अभियाचते verb abhiyAcate { abhiyAc } solicit
संयाचते verb saMyAcate { saMyAc } solicit
प्रयाचते verb prayAcate { prayAc } solicit
प्रयाचति verb prayAcati solicit
अभ्यर्थयते verb 10 abhyarthayate { abhi- arth } solicit
वात adj. vAta solicited
प्रार्थित adj. prArthita solicited
समर्ण्ण adj. samarNNa solicited
उपयाचित adj. upayAcita solicited
वनित adj. vanita solicited
अधीष्ट adj. adhISTa solicited
प्रार्थयितृ m. prArthayitR solicitor
मार्गणक m. mArgaNaka solicitor
लभस n. labhasa solicitor
उपयाचक adj. upayAcaka soliciting
आदरवत् adj. Adaravat solicitous
प्रार्थक adj. prArthaka soliciting
याचना f. yAcanA soliciting
अनुध्यान n. anudhyAna solicitude
याचन n. yAcana soliciting
विज्ञप्तिका f. vijJaptikA solicitation
एषणा f. eSaNA solicitation
प्रणय m. praNaya solicitation
प्रणिधि m. praNidhi solicitation
उपचार m. upacAra solicitation
अनुरोध m. anurodha solicitation
प्रार्थन n. prArthana solicitation
मार्गण n. mArgaNa solicitation
एषण n. eSaNa solicitation
अध्येषण verb adhyeSaNa solicitation [for instruction]
अयाचिन् adj. ayAcin not soliciting
वरणीय adj. varaNIya to be solicited
व्रतभिक्षा f. vratabhikSA soliciting alms
यियाचिषते verb Desid. yiyAciSate { yAc } wish to solicit
वराकाङ्क्षिन् adj. varAkAGkSin soliciting a boon
याञ्चा f. yAJcA mean solicitation
उपयाचन n. upayAcana act of soliciting
आराधयति verb ArAdhayati { ArAdh } solicit  
अभिशङ्कित adj. abhizaGkita being in solicitude
आराधित adj. ArAdhita solicited for a boon
वृणीते verb 5 9 vRNIte { vR } solicit anything from
वृणोति verb 5 9 vRNoti { vR } solicit anything from
वृणुते verb 5 9 vRNute { vR } solicit anything from
वृणाति verb 5 9 vRNAti { vR } solicit anything from
याचित adj. yAcita solicited or asked for
निर्याचति verb niryAcati { niryAc } beg of or solicit from
निर्याचते verb niryAcate { niryAc } beg of or solicit from
प्रार्थनाभाव m. prArthanAbhAva absence of solicitation
लभस n. labhasa one who asks or solicits
प्रसर m. prasara affectionate solicitation
विस्तर m. vistara affectionate solicitation
याचिष्णुता f. yAciSNutA habit of soliciting favours
भिक्षित adj. bhikSita solicited or obtained as alms
मार्गयति verb 1 10 mArgayati { mArg } solicit anything from any one
मार्गति verb 1 10 mArgati { mArg } solicit anything from any one
अयाचक adj. ayAcaka one who does not ask or solicit
याचना f. yAcanA entreaty for or solicitation of
वर m. vara one who solicits a girl in marriage
मार्गण n. mArgaNa affectionate solicitation or inquiry
उपयन्त्रित adj. upayantrita solicited or compelled to do anything
अयाचिताहृत adj. ayAcitAhRta offered without having been solicited
असुस्थिरादर adj. asusthirAdara continually solicitous about one's life
स्त्रीयाचितपुत्र m. strIyAcitaputra son obtained through a wife's solicitations
अधीष्ट m.,n. adhISTa instruction given by a teacher solicited for it
कृताञ्जलि adj. kRtAJjali one who joins the hollowed palms in reverence or to solicit a favour
अयाचितव्रत n. ayAcitavrata obligation of eating such food only as has been obtained without solicitation
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