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कदाचित् ind. kadAcit sometimes
एवं भवति कदाचित् sent. evaM bhavati kadAcit Sometimes it happens.
समये किमपि न मिलति sent. samaye kimapi na milati Sometimes nothing is available
कदाचित् एवमपि स्यात् sent. kadAcit evamapi syAt It may be like this sometimes.
किञ्चिदनन्तरं आगच्छेत् sent. kiJcidanantaraM Agacchet He / It may come sometime later.
समये एकमपि न मिलति sent. samaye ekamapi na milati You do not find anything sometimes
कदा adverb kadA sometimes
काले काले adverb kAle kAle sometimes
कदापि adverb kadApi sometimes
कद् adverb kad sometimes
क्व ind. kva sometimes
त्वदानीम् ind. tvadAnIm sometimes
अन्यदा ind. anyadA sometimes
एकदा ind. ekadA sometimes
अथ कदाचित् adverb atha kadAcit sometime later
अल्पसमयानन्तरम् indecl. alpasamayAnantaram after sometime
कादाचित्क adj. kAdAcitka produced sometimes
कुत्र ind. kutra sometimes-sometimes
कुत्र ind. kutra sometimes-sometimes
कुत्र ind. kutra sometimes-sometimes
कुत्र ind. kutra sometimes-sometimes
कुत्र ind. kutra sometimes-sometimes
ओम् ind. om sometimes translated by yes
तु adverb tu sometimes used as a mere expletive
यमदेवत f. yamadevata name of the lunar asterism bharaNI [sometime in neuter form also.]
द्रुपदात्मजा f. drupadAtmajA who is sometimes identified with umA
एवम् ind. evam sometimes evam is merely an expletive
कथा ind. kathA sometimes merely a particle of interrogation
अस्ति ind. asti sometimes used as a mere particle at the beginning of fables
आत् ind. At It is sometimes used after an interrogative pronoun to give emphasis to the pronoun
अपर adj. apara Sometimes apara is used as a conjunction to connect words or sentences e.g. aparaMca, moreover
कथम् ind. katham sometimes katham merely introduces an interrogation katham is often found in connection with the particles iva
शेष m.,n. zeSa thousand headed serpent sometimes represented as forming the couch and canopy of Vishnu whilst sleeping during the intervals of creation
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