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जमातृ jamAtR son-in-law
जामाता m. jAmAtA son-in-law
जमातृ m. jamAtR son-in-law
जामाता m. jAmAtA son-in-law
विजामातृ m. vijAmAtR son-in-law
कन्यकापति m. kanyakApati son-in-law
प्रिय m. priya son-in-law
विट्पति m. viTpati son-in-law
कन्यापति m. kanyApati son-in-law
सुतापति m. sutApati son-in-law
कन्याभर्तृ m. kanyAbhartR son-in-law
जन्य m. janya son-in-law
विवाह्य m. vivAhya son-in-law
कन्यावेदिन् m. kanyAvedin son-in-law
यामातृ m. yAmAtR son-in-law
जामातृ m. jAmAtR son-in-law and
जामातृत्व n. jAmAtRtva relationship of a son-in-law
कौत्स m. kautsa name of a son-in-law of bhagI-ratha
अपत्यविक्रयिन् m. apatyavikrayin father who receives a gratuity from his son-in-law
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