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सौत्र adj. sautra axiomatic
सोतृ adj. sotR engendering
सोतृ adj. sotR generating
सोतृ adj. sotR one who presses out or extracts soma
सोतृ adj. sotR bringing forth children
सौत्र adj. sautra mentioned or declared in a sUtra
सौत्र adj. sautra consisting or made of threads
सौत्र adj. sautra relating to a sUtra
सौत्र m. sautra Brahman
सौत्रि m. sautri weaver
सौत्रिक m. sautrika texture
सौत्रिक m. sautrika anything woven
सौत्रिक m. sautrika weaver
सौत्रामणी f. sautrAmaNI particular sacrifice in honour of indra
सौत्रधातु m. sautradhAtu root that exists for the sake of the derivation of a noun , but not used as a verb
सौत्रामणिक adj. sautrAmaNika being present or used at the sautrAmaNI
सौत्रामणीय adj. sautrAmaNIya treating of the sautrAmaNi
सौत्रामणधनुस् n. sautrAmaNadhanus rainbow
सौत्रामणधनुस् n. sautrAmaNadhanus indra's bow
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