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निर्दिष्ट adj. nirdiSTa specified
व्यक्त adj. vyakta specified
प्रदर्शित adj. pradarzita specified
उपदिष्ट adj. ppp. upadiSTa specified
परिख्यात adj. parikhyAta specified exclusively
यथासमान्नातम् ind. yathAsamAnnAtam according to what his been mentioned or specified
उपलक्षण n. upalakSaNa implying any analogous object where only one is specified
शिक्षाक्षर n. zikSAkSara sound pronounced according to the rules specified in the scriptures
वाक्यार्थोपमा f. vAkyArthopamA simile in which the resemblance of two things is specified in detail
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