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मञ्चरी f. maJcarI sprout
पल्लव m. pallava sprout
बिसल n. bisala sprout
उपारुह् f. upAruh sprout
शलाका f. zalAkA sprout
मञ्जरी f. maJjarI sprout
रुह् f. ruh sprout
पत्त्रिणी f. pattriNI sprout
बैजिक m. baijika sprout
अङ्कुरति m. aGkurati sprout
प्ररोह m. praroha sprout
विटप m. viTapa sprout
प्रारोह m. prAroha sprout
अङ्कूर m. aGkUra sprout
चल m. cala sprout
रोह m. roha sprout
प्रवाल m. n. pravAla sprout
अङ्कुर m. n. aGkura sprout
कन्दलि m.n. kandali sprout
किसलय n. kisalaya sprout
लल n. lala sprout
पत्त्रयौवन n. pattrayauvana sprout
लतायावक n. latAyAvaka sprout
तरुणक n. taruNaka sprout
रोधति verb rodhati { rudh } sprout
विरोहति verb virohati { viruh } sprout
अङ्कुरायते verb aGkurAyate sprout
प्रविरूढ adj. pravirUDha sprouted
अङ्कुरित adj. aGkurita sprouted
प्रोत्थित adj. protthita sprouted
कोरित adj. korita sprouted
विरूध adj. virUdha sprouted
संरूढ adj. saMrUDha sprouted
पल्लवित adj. pallavita sprouted
पल्लविन् adj. pallavin sprouting
उद्भिज्ज adj. udbhijja sprouting
विरोहिन् adj. virohin sprouting
उद्भिद adj. udbhida sprouting
उद्भिद् adj. udbhid sprouting
रोध adj. rodha sprouting
रुह् f. ruh sprouting
विरूढि f. virUDhi sprouting
रोह m. roha sprouting
प्ररोह m. praroha sprouting
उद्भेद m. udbheda sprouting
भेद m. bheda sprouting
अङ्कुरण n. aGkuraNa sprouting
प्ररोहण n. prarohaNa sprouting
नवपल्लव n. navapallava young sprout
विषाङ्कुर m. viSAGkura poisoned sprout
बीजाङ्कुर m. bIjAGkura seed and sprout
पुनर्विरोह m. punarviroha sprouting again
किसलय n. kisalaya sprout or shoot
मञ्जरीचामर n. maJjarIcAmara fan-like sprout
निरन्तरोद्भिन्न adj. nirantarodbhinna densely sprouted
रत्नाङ्कुर m. ratnAGkura sprout of a pearl
पल्लवित adj. pallavita full of new sprouts
समुच्छ्वसिति verb samucchvasiti { samucchvas } spring or sprout up
समुच्छ्वसति verb samucchvasati { samucchvas } spring or sprout up
प्रतिरोहति verb pratirohati { pratiruh } sprout or grow again
उत्कोरक adj. utkoraka having sprouting buds
प्रपाटिका f. prapATikA young shoot or sprout
हेति f. heti young shoot or sprout
विद्रुम m. vidruma young sprout or shoot
वंशाङ्कुर m. vaMzAGkura bamboo shoot or sprout
बीजाङ्कुरन्याय m. bIjAGkuranyAya rule of seed and sprout
शुष्कविरोहण n. zuSkavirohaNa sprouting of a dry tree
प्रवाल adj. pravAla having shoots or sprouts
शष्प n. zaSpa young or sprouting grass
रत्नशलाका f. ratnazalAkA sprout or sprig of jewels
उद्भिद् f. udbhid sprout or shoot of a plant
उद्भेद m. udbheda sprout or shoot of a plant
अङ्कुरति m. aGkurati sprout or shoot new growth
पल्लवग्राहिन् adj. pallavagrAhin sprouting in all directions
स्थूणाविरोहण n. sthUNAvirohaNa sprouting of a wooden stake
अङ्कुरवत् adj. aGkuravat abounding in sprouts or buds
प्लक्षप्ररोह m. plakSapraroha shoot or sprout of a fig-tree
निर्गर्भ adj. nirgarbha having no germ or sprout in it
मुञ्जवल्श m. muJjavalza shoot or sprout of Munja-grass [Saccharum Munjia - Bot.]
विरूधक m.n. virUdhaka grain that has begun to sprout
प्रसृत n. prasRta what has sprung up or sprouted
वेत्रकरीर m. vetrakarIra shoot or fresh sprout of a reed
उच्छिलीन्ध्र adj. ucchilIndhra covered with sprouting mushrooms
अगारस्थूणाविरोहण n. agArasthUNAvirohaNa sprouting of the post of a house
उत्प्रवाल adj. utpravAla having sprouting branches or trees
रूढतृणाङ्कुर adj. rUDhatRNAGkura on the roof of which young grass has sprouted
संसारविटपाङ्कुर m. saMsAraviTapAGkura shoot or sprout on the tree of mundane existence
सन्तुदति verb santudati { saMtud } put forth new sprouts i.e. recur again and again
सुललितलतापल्लवमय adj. sulalitalatApallavamaya consisting of young sprouts of beautiful creepers
बीजाङ्कुरवत् ind. bIjAGkuravat like the continuous succession of seed and sprout
रूढरागप्रवाल adj. rUDharAgapravAla in which the sprouts of affection have grown strong
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