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पल्लविन् adj. pallavin sprouting
उद्भिज्ज adj. udbhijja sprouting
विरोहिन् adj. virohin sprouting
उद्भिद adj. udbhida sprouting
उद्भिद् adj. udbhid sprouting
रोध adj. rodha sprouting
विरूढि f. virUDhi sprouting
रुह् f. ruh sprouting
रोह m. roha sprouting
प्ररोह m. praroha sprouting
उद्भेद m. udbheda sprouting
भेद m. bheda sprouting
अङ्कुरण n. aGkuraNa sprouting
प्ररोहण n. prarohaNa sprouting
पुनर्विरोह m. punarviroha sprouting again
उत्कोरक adj. utkoraka having sprouting buds
शुष्कविरोहण n. zuSkavirohaNa sprouting of a dry tree
शष्प n. zaSpa young or sprouting grass
पल्लवग्राहिन् adj. pallavagrAhin sprouting in all directions
स्थूणाविरोहण n. sthUNAvirohaNa sprouting of a wooden stake
उच्छिलीन्ध्र adj. ucchilIndhra covered with sprouting mushrooms
अगारस्थूणाविरोहण n. agArasthUNAvirohaNa sprouting of the post of a house
उत्प्रवाल adj. utpravAla having sprouting branches or trees
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