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स्थाणु m. sthANu stub [tree]
स्थाणु m. sthANu stump [tree]
स्ताणु adj. stANu firm
स्थाणु adj. sthANu stationary
स्थाणु adj. sthANu motionless
स्थाणु adj. sthANu fixed
स्थाणु adj. sthANu immovable
स्थाणु adj. sthANu standing firmly
स्थाणु adj. sthANu firm
स्थाणु m. sthANu pile
स्थाणु m. sthANu stem
स्थाणु m. sthANu nest of white ants
स्थाणु m. sthANu post
स्थाणु m. sthANu gnomon of a dial
स्थाणु m. sthANu name of Shiva
स्थाणु m. sthANu trunk
स्थाणु m. sthANu particular part of a plough
स्थाणु m. sthANu pillar
स्थाणु m. sthANu stake
स्थाणु m. sthANu particular perfume
स्थाणु m. sthANu kind of spear or dart
स्थाणु n. sthANu anything stationary or fixed
स्थाणु n. sthANu particular posture in sitting
स्थाणुदिश् f. sthANudiz north-east
स्थाणुदिश् f. sthANudiz ziva's quarter
स्थाणुवत् ind. sthANuvat like a post
स्थाणुरोग m. sthANuroga particular disease of horses
स्थाणुभूत adj. sthANubhUta become motionless as the trunk of a tree
स्थाणुकर्णी f. sthANukarNI particular species of large bitter cucumber [Citrullus colocynthis - Bot.]
स्थाणुभ्रम m. sthANubhrama mistaking anything for a post
स्थाणुच्छेद m. sthANuccheda one who cuts down the trunks of trees or clears away timber
स्थाणुवनौकस् adj. sthANuvanaukas inhabiting ziva's forest
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