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स्तन्य adj. stanya contained in the female breast
स्तन्य n. stanya milk
स्तन्य n. stanya mother's milk
स्तन्यद adj. stanyada producing milk
स्तन्यप adj. stanyapa drinking milk from the breast
स्तन्यप adj. stanyapa suckling
स्तन्यभुज् adj. stanyabhuj unweaned
स्तन्यभुज् adj. stanyabhuj sucking milk from the breast
स्तन्यदान n. stanyadAna sucking
स्तन्यदान n. stanyadAna giving of milk from the breast
स्तन्यपान n. stanyapAna period of early infancy
स्तन्यपान n. stanyapAna drinking of milk from the breast
स्तन्यरोग m. stanyaroga sickness caused by unhealthy mother's milk
स्तन्यपायिन् adj. stanyapAyin unweaned
स्तन्यपायिन् adj. stanyapAyin sucking milk from the breast
स्तन्यत्याग m. stanyatyAga being weaned
स्तन्यत्याग m. stanyatyAga ceasing to drink a mother's milk
स्थान्याश्रय adj. sthAnyAzraya depending on the primitive form
स्तन्यावतरण n. stanyAvataraNa inspissation of milk
स्तन्यत्यागमात्रक n. stanyatyAgamAtraka period immediately after weaning
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