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अधिकारत्याग m. adhikAratyAga stepping down from authority
इत्या f. ityA stepping
प्रक्रम m. prakrama stepping
क्रमण n. kramaNa stepping
उत्क्रम्य ind. utkramya stepping up
समाक्रमण n. samAkramaNa stepping in
उरुक्रम adj. urukrama far-stepping
उरुक्रम adj. urukrama far-stepping
उपनिष्क्रम्य ind. upaniSkramya stepping out
विहरण n. viharaNa stepping out
उत्क्रमण n. utkramaNa stepping out
आक्रान्ति f. AkrAnti stepping upon
अभिक्रम m. abhikrama stepping near
अभिक्रमण n. abhikramaNa stepping near
अध्याक्रमण n. adhyAkramaNa stepping over
आक्रमण n. AkramaNa stepping upon
उत्क्रान्ति f. utkrAnti stepping up to
पृथिविषद्ष्ठा adj. pRthiviSadSThA stepping firmly
पृथिविषद्ष्ठ adj. pRthiviSadSTha stepping firmly
लङ्घन n. laGghana stepping across
त्वरितत adj. tvaritata stepping quickly
अनवक्रामम् ind. anavakrAmam not stepping upon
प्रक्रमण n. prakramaNa stepping forwards
अवचरन्तिका f. avacarantikA stepping down from
प्रतिक्रमण n. pratikramaNa stepping to and fro
उत्सर्पण n. utsarpaNa stepping out or forwards
क्रमण n. kramaNa stepping or treading upon
उत्स्नाय ind. utsnAya stepping out from the water
विक्रान्ति f. vikrAnti stepping or striding through
उपसर्पण n. upasarpaNa going or stepping out softly
अग्रयान n. agrayAna stepping in front to defy the enemy
अभ्याक्रामम् ind. abhyAkrAmam by or in stepping towards repeatedly
उपनिष्क्रमण n. upaniSkramaNa act of going of stepping out towards
उत्स्नान n. utsnAna stepping out or emerging from the water
स्वरतिक्रम m. svaratikrama stepping beyond heaven i.e. reaching vaikuNTha
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