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स्थाने prep. loc. sthAne instead of
अन्यस्मिन् स्थाने loc. anyasmin sthAne somewhere else
भवान् कस्मिन् स्थाने नियुक्तः अस्ति? sent. bhavAn kasmin sthAne niyuktaH asti? Which post do you occupy in the office?
स्थाने indecl. sthAne in the right place
स्थाने indecl. sthAne properly
स्थानेयोग adj. sthAneyoga implying the relation of instead
स्थानेश्वर m. sthAnezvara governor of a place
स्थानेपतित adj. sthAnepatita occupying the place of another
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