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स्थालिका f. sthAlikA plate
स्थालीं क्षालय sent. sthAlIM kSAlaya Wash the dish!
स्थालिका स्थापिता वा? sent. sthAlikA sthApitA vA? Have you laid the table? (Have you set the plates for meals?)
स्थालिका एव न स्थापिता! sent. sthAlikA eva na sthApitA! You haven't laid the table yet!
स्थली f. sthalI ground
स्थाली f. sthAlI pan
स्थली f. sthalI tableland
स्थली f. sthalI eminence
स्थली f. sthalI land
स्थाली f. sthAlI substitution of a cooked offering of rice for a meat offering at the mAMsASTakA
स्थाली f. sthAlI earthen dish or pan
स्थली f. sthalI place
स्थली f. sthalI spot
स्थाली f. sthAlI cooking-vessel
स्थली f. sthalI soil
स्थाली f. sthAlI kaaSTa paaTali tree [Bignonia Suaveolens - Bot.]
स्थाली f. sthAlI caldron
स्थालिन् adj. sthAlin possessing any vessel or receptacle
स्थालिक adj. sthAlika smelling of faeces
स्थालिक m. sthAlika smell of faeces
स्थलीय adj. sthalIya terrestrial
स्थलीय adj. sthalIya belonging to a place
स्थलीय adj. sthalIya local
स्थलीय adj. sthalIya relating or belonging to a situation or case
स्थलीय adj. sthalIya relating or belonging to dry land
स्थालीबिल n. sthAlIbila interior or hollow of a cooking-vessel
स्थालीपाक m. sthAlIpAka dish of barley or rice boiled in milk
स्थलीयति verb sthalIyati { sthalIya } regard as dry land
स्थलीभूत adj. sthalIbhUta high-lying
स्थालीबिल्य adj. sthAlIbilya fit to be boiled in a cooking-vessel
स्थालीद्रुम m. sthAlIdruma weeping fig or peepal tree [Ficus Benjamina or Indica]
स्थालीग्रह m. sthAlIgraha ladleful taken out of a cooking-vessel
स्थालीपक्व adj. sthAlIpakva cooked or dressed in any vessel
स्थालीपक्व adj. sthAlIpakva boiled
स्थलीशायिन् adj. sthalIzAyin lying or sleeping on the bare ground
स्थालीबिलीय adj. sthAlIbilIya fit to be boiled in a cooking-vessel
स्थालीदरण n. sthAlIdaraNa breaking of a dish or vessel
स्थलीदेवता f. sthalIdevatA local deity
स्थालीपुलाक m. sthAlIpulAka boiled rice in a cooking-vessel
स्थालीपुरीष n. sthAlIpurISa sediment or dirt sticking to a kettle or cooking-pot
स्थलीभवति verb sthalIbhavati { sthalIbhU } become dry land
स्थालीपुलाकन्याय m. sthAlIpulAkanyAya rule of boiled rice in a cooking-vessel
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