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स्तवि m. stavi chanter
स्थवि m. sthavi heaven
स्थवि m. sthavi leper or the flesh of a leper
स्थवि m. sthavi bag
स्थवि m. sthavi sack
स्थवि m. sthavi fire
स्थवि m. sthavi weaver
स्थवि m. sthavi fruit
स्तवीति verb stavIti { stu } laud
स्तवीति verb stavIti { stu } praise
स्तवीति verb stavIti { stu } celebrate in song or hymns
स्तवीति verb stavIti { stu } eulogize
स्तवीति verb stavIti { stu } extol
स्तवितृ m. stavitR praiser
स्तवितृ m. stavitR singer
स्थाविर adj. sthAvira senile
स्थविर adj. sthavira strong
स्थविर adj. sthavira ancient
स्थविर adj. sthavira venerable
स्थविर adj. sthavira thick
स्थविर adj. sthavira firm
स्थविर adj. sthavira broad
स्थविर adj. sthavira sturdy
स्थविर adj. sthavira compact
स्थविर adj. sthavira old
स्थविर adj. sthavira powerful
स्थाविर adj. sthAvira old
स्थविर adj. sthavira solid
स्थविरा f. sthavirA old woman
स्थविर m. sthavira kind of plant
स्थविर m. sthavira old man
स्थविर m. sthavira Elder
स्थविर m. sthavira elder
स्थविर n. sthavira benzoin
स्थाविर n. sthAvira old age
स्थविमन् m. sthaviman breadth
स्थविमन् m. sthaviman broad part
स्थविमन् m. sthaviman thick end
स्थविमत् n. sthavimat thick end
स्थविमत् n. sthavimat breadth
स्थविमत् n. sthavimat broad part
स्थवीयस् adj. sthavIyas more broad or thick
स्तवितव्य adj. stavitavya to be praised
स्थविष्ठ adj. sthaviSTha very broad or thick or solid or strong
स्थविरायुस् adj. sthavirAyus one who has attained to old age
स्थविरदारु n. sthaviradAru kind of wood
स्थविरवाद m. sthaviravAda first and oldest school of Buddhism [Theravada - Pali]
स्थविरायते verb sthavirAyate { sthavirAya } become old
स्थविरायते verb sthavirAyate { sthavirAya } grow old
स्थविरद्युति adj. sthaviradyuti having the dignity of an Elder
स्थविरगाथा f. sthaviragAthA particular section of Buddhist writings
स्थविरस्थविर m. sthavirasthavira most venerable of the Elders
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