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स्तेय n. steya theft
स्तेय n. steya robbery
स्तेय n. steya larceny
स्तेय n. steya anything stolen or liable to be stolen
स्तेय n. steya anything clandestine or private
स्थेय adj. stheya placed
स्थेय adj. stheya to be stationed or fixed or settled
स्थेय m. stheya umpire
स्थेय m. stheya domestic priest
स्थेय m. stheya arbitrator
स्थेय m. stheya person chosen to settle a dispute between two parties
स्थेय m. stheya judge
स्थेय n. stheya is to be fixed on
स्थेय n. stheya to be behaved or acted or proceeded
स्थेय n. stheya to be stood still
स्थेय n. stheya to be stood firm
स्थेय n. stheya to be stayed or remained in
स्थेयस् adj. stheyas very resolute
स्थेयस् adj. stheyas very firm or strong
स्थेयस् adj. stheyas very continuous or constant
स्थेयस् adj. stheyas stronger
स्थेयस् adj. stheyas more important or worthy of consideration
स्थेयस् adj. comp. stheyas firmer
स्तेयकृत् adj. steyakRt stealer of
स्तेयकृत् adj. steyakRt robber
स्तेयकृत् adj. steyakRt committing theft
स्तेयकृत् adj. steyakRt thief
स्तेयकृत् m. steyakRt stealer
स्तेयफल m. steyaphala particular fruit-tree
स्तेयसंवासिक adj. steyasaMvAsika one who has stolen into any dwelling in the fictitious character of a monk
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