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स्तोम adj. stoma bent
स्तोम adj. stoma crooked
स्तोम m. stoma mass
स्तोम m. stoma typical form of chant
स्तोम m. stoma praise
स्तोम m. stoma collection
स्तोम m. stoma letting of a dwelling
स्तोम m. stoma stoma day
स्तोम m. stoma number
स्तोम m. stoma sacrificer
स्तोम m. stoma eulogium
स्तोम m. stoma multitude
स्तोम m. stoma hymn
स्तोम m. stoma measure of 10 dhanvantaras or of 96 inches
स्तोम m. stoma heap
स्तोम m. stoma quantity
स्तोम n. stoma corn
स्तोम n. stoma head
स्तोम n. stoma grain
स्तोम n. stoma iron-pointed stick or staff
स्तोम n. stoma riches
स्तोम n. stoma wealth
स्तोमचिति f. stomaciti piling up the bricks called stoma
स्तोममय adj. stomamaya consisting of stoma
स्तोमयति verb stomayati { stomaya } praise
स्तोमयति verb stomayati { stomaya } hymn
स्तोमयति verb stomayati { stomaya } laud
स्तोमभाग adj. stomabhAga one whose share is the stoma
स्तोमभागा f. stomabhAgA bricks above mentioned
स्तोमक्षार m. stomakSAra soap
स्तोमतष्ट adj. stomataSTa composed by poets
स्तोमतष्ट adj. stomataSTa fashioned or formed into a hymn
स्तोमवाहस् adj. stomavAhas offering or receiving praise
स्तोमपृष्ठ adj. stomapRSTha having stoma and pRSThas
स्तोमवृद्धि f. stomavRddhi enhancement of the stoma
स्तोमपुरोगव adj. stomapurogava having the stoma as a leader or chief
स्तोमवर्धन adj. stomavardhana augmenting hymns of praise
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