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चर्मपट्टिका f. carmapaTTikA strap
चर्मपट्ट m. carmapaTTa strap
गो ओपश adj. go opaza furnished with a twist or tuft of leather straps
रशना f. razanA strap
वर्ध्रिका f. vardhrikA strap
वरत्रा f. varatrA strap
वर्ध्र m. vardhra strap
वाय m. vAya strap
तिरश्चीनवाय m. tirazcInavAya cross-strap
तिरश्चीनवाय m. tirazcInavAya cross-strap
तिरश्चीनवाय m. tirazcInavAya cross-strap
वार्ध्र adj. vArdhra fit for straps
युगवरत्र n. yugavaratra strap of a yoke
नाडी f. nADI strap of leather
गो m.f. go strap of leather
दोरक n. doraka strap of leather
चर्मबन्ध m. carmabandha leather band or strap
वध्र m.n. vadhra leathern strap or thong
वरत्राकाण्ड n. varatrAkANDa Piece of a strap or thong
वार्ध्रकठिनिक adj. vArdhrakaThinika dealing in leather straps on
पाशिका f. pAzikA strap of leather on a plough
कठिन n. kaThina strap or pole for carrying burdens
वर्ध्रकठिन n. vardhrakaThina strap or band by means of which anything is carried
शिच् f. zic cord or strap of a yoke or pole for carrying burdens
योग्य m. yogya straps with which horses are attached to the yoke of a carriage
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