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अधिज्य adj. adhijya having the bow-string stretched
विनीत adj. vinIta stretched
आयत adj. Ayata stretched
विस्रुत adj. visruta stretched
समातत adj. samAtata stretched
उज्जृम्भित adj. ujjRmbhita stretched
तत adj. tata stretched
उत्तानित ppp. uttAnita stretched
परिन्यस्त adj. parinyasta stretched out
व्याक्षिप्त adj. vyAkSipta stretched out
प्रसारित adj. prasArita stretched out
समुद्धुर adj. samuddhura stretched out
विसृत adj. visRta stretched out
उत्तान adj. uttAna stretched out
समीषित adj. samISita stretched out
वियत adj. viyata stretched out
न्यस्त adj. nyasta stretched out
निरायत adj. nirAyata stretched out
व्यादीर्ण adj. vyAdIrNa stretched open
आयम्य adj. Ayamya to be stretched
प्रणिहित adj. praNihita stretched forth
अतिव्याप्त adj. ativyApta stretched too far
दूरोन्नमित adj. dUronnamita stretched far out
आतत adj. Atata stretched or drawn
बलाञ्चिता f. balAJcitA strongly stretched
प्रोत्तान adj. prottAna stretched out widely
प्रतीषित adj. pratISita stretched out towards
प्रसृत adj. prasRta held or stretched out
विगृहीत adj. vigRhIta stretched out or apart
अनातत adj. anAtata not stretched or strung
तिर्यगायत adj. tiryagAyata stretched out obliquely
उच्छ्रितपाणि adj. ucchritapANi with out-stretched hand
स्वातत adj. svAtata well stretched or fixed
उच्छ्रितपाणि adj. ucchritapANi with out-stretched hand
प्रहृत adj. prahRta stretched out or lifted up
सन्ताय्यते verb pass. santAyyate { saMtAy } be spread or stretched out
सन्तत adj. santata stretched or extended along
सुन्यस्त adj. sunyasta well laid out stretched out
त्रिपताक adj. tripatAka with 3 fingers stretched out
संनिकीर्ण adj. saMnikIrNa stretched out at full length
उत्पाद adj. utpAda having the legs stretched out
विप्रकीर्णैकपार्श्व adj. viprakIrNaikapArzva having one side stretched out
विगृह्य ind. vigRhya having stretched out or apart
आयम्य ind. Ayamya having stretched or restrained
उत्कुट adj. utkuTa lying stretched out on the back
सुन्यस्त adj. sunyasta well laid down or stretched out
कृत्स्नायत adj. kRtsnAyata stretched out to its full length
प्रहित adj. prahita thrown forward i.e. stretched out
प्रसार्य ind. prasArya having stretched out or put forth
विसृतगुण adj. visRtaguNa one who has the string stretched out
निष्कनिष्ठ adj. niSkaniSTha with the little finger stretched out
निष्कनिष्ठिक adj. niSkaniSThika with the little finger stretched out
अधिज्य adj. adhijya having the bowstring up or stretched
उत्तानहस्त m. uttAnahasta two hands with the fingers stretched out
व्यादीर्घ adj. vyAdIrgha stretched out longways to the full extent
त्रिरुन्नत adj. trirunnata having 3 parts of the body stretched upwards
निरायतपूर्वकाय adj. nirAyatapUrvakAya having the fore-part of the body stretched out
आयच्छते verb Ayacchate { Ayam } stretch one's self or be stretched or strained
व्यसनप्रसारितकर adj. vyasanaprasAritakara having the hand stretched forth for inflicting calamity
प्रसृत m. prasRta palm of the hand stretched out and hollowed as if to hold liquids
प्राञ्जलि adverb prAJjali offer ode to Sun deity with water through stretched and joined hands
मासताला f. mAsatAlA those parts of a calf skin from which the parchment stretched at the end of drums is made
मार्जन m. mArjana parchment stretched at the ends of a drum performance with the fingers on a musical instrument
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