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भृश adj. bhRza strongly
गाढ adj. gADha strongly
बाढ adj. bADha strongly
भृशम् adverb bhRzam strongly
गाढम् adverb gADham strongly
धृष्णुया ind. dhRSNuyA strongly
निर्दरम् ind. nirdaram strongly
बलवत् ind. balavat strongly
द्रह्यत् ind. drahyat strongly
नृवत् ind. nRvat strongly
धृषता ind. dhRSatA strongly
दधृक् ind. dadhRk strongly
धृष्णु ind. dhRSNu strongly
बर्हणा ind. barhaNA strongly
सेषीव्यते verb Intens. seSIvyate { siv } join strongly
संहननवत् adj. saMhananavat strongly built
जाज्वलति verb Intens. jAjvalati { jval } shine strongly
जाज्वल्यते verb Intens. jAjvalyate { jval } shine strongly
वृषभर adj. vRSabhara seizing strongly
दृढप्ररोह m. dRDhapraroha growing strongly
अतिशङ्कते verb atizaGkate suspect strongly
अनुप्रसक्त adj. anuprasakta strongly attached
प्रकृष्यकुत्सित adj. prakRSyakutsita strongly censured
दृढवेधन n. dRDhavedhana piercing strongly
बलाञ्चिता f. balAJcitA strongly stretched
आसक्त adj. Asakta attached strongly to
व्युत्थितचित्त adj. vyutthitacitta strongly excited in mind
सुपीडन n. supIDana act of pressing strongly
प्रोच्छ्वसिति verb procchvasiti { procchvas } breathe strongly or loudly
शाचिगु adj. zAcigu going or advancing strongly
बलीयस् ind. balIyas more powerfully or strongly
व्युत्थित adj. vyutthita strongly excited or agitated
लवणप्रगाढ adj. lavaNapragADha strongly impregnated with salt
वीडुपत्मन् adj. vIDupatman flying strongly or incessantly
सुरक्त adj. surakta strongly affected or impassioned
प्रजुष्ट adj. prajuSTa strongly attached to or intent on
वीडुद्वेषस् adj. vIDudveSas hating the strong or hating strongly
काममूत adj. kAmamUta strongly affected or impelled by love
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