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सुष्ठु adverb suSThu fitly
सुष्ठु indecl. suSThu well
अत्र वायुः सुष्ठु वाति sent. atra vAyuH suSThu vAti Nice breeze here.
सुष्टु adj. suSTu highly praised or celebrated
सुष्ठु adverb suSThu duly
सुष्ठु adverb suSThu well
सुष्ठु adverb suSThu aptly
सुष्ठु ind. suSThu very well
सुष्ठु ind. suSThu exceedingly
सुष्ठु ind. suSThu aptly
सुष्ठु ind. suSThu excellently
सुष्टुभ् adj. suSTubh uttering a shrill cry
सुष्टुभ् f. suSTubh shrill cry
सुष्टुत adj. suSTuta correctly pronounced
सुष्टुति f. suSTuti beautiful hymn
सुष्टुति f. suSTuti excellent praise
सुष्ठुता f. suSThutA welfare
सुष्ठुता f. suSThutA prosperity
सुष्ठुवह् adj. suSThuvah carrying well bearing along rapidly
सुष्ठुद्वार adj. suSThudvAra affording a good entrance on
सुष्ठुतरम् ind. suSThutaram still more
सुष्ठुतरम् ind. suSThutaram in a higher degree
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