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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
वैश्लेषिकी f. vaizleSikI analytics [subdivision of logic]
अन्तर्विभाजन n. antarvibhAjana subdivision
किंविभाग adj. kiMvibhAga having what subdivisions?
उपशाखा f. upazAkhA subdivision
शाखा f. zAkhA subdivision
प्रतिशाखा f. pratizAkhA subdivision
प्रशाखा f. prazAkhA subdivision
गुण m. guNa subdivision
उपभेद m. upabheda subdivision
प्रविभामः m. pravibhAmaH subdivision
प्रभागः m. prabhAgaH subdivision
प्रभेद m. prabheda subdivision
अवान्तरभेद m. avAntarabheda subdivision
अवयव m. avayava subdivision
चरण m.n. caraNa subdivision
अङ्ग n. aGga subdivision
उपाङ्ग n. upAGga subdivision
गोत्र n. gotra subdivision
प्रत्यङ्ग n. pratyaGga subdivision
यक्ष m. yakSa type of demi-god [subdivision among the vyantara gods]
प्रविभागवत् adj. pravibhAgavat having subdivisions
कण्डिका f. kaNDikA shortest subdivision
चतुःषष्ट्यङ्ग adj. catuHSaSTyaGga having 64 subdivisions
अनुवाक m. anuvAka subdivision or section
अङ्गस्कन्ध m. aGgaskandha subdivision of a science
कूट m. kUTa subdivision of grahayuddha
प्रत्यङ्ग m. pratyaGga for every part or subdivision
पञ्चाङ्ग adj. paJcAGga having 5 parts or subdivisions
अवयविन् adj. avayavin having portions or subdivisions
जयन्त m. jayanta subdivision of the anuttara deities
विष्टाव m. viSTAva subdivision of the periods of a stoma
स्थान n. sthAna astrological mansion or its subdivision
अशनि f. azani subdivision of the phenomena called ulkAs
वीचि f. vIci wave as name of a subdivision of a chapter
सम्भोग m. sambhoga subdivision of the zRGgAra or sentiment of love
समापत्ति f. samApatti subdivision of the fourth stage of abstract meditation
गुण m. guNa 6 subdivisions of action for a king in foreign politics
स्थानविभाग m. sthAnavibhAga subdivision of a number according to the position of its figures
तत्पुरुष m. tatpuruSa two subdivisions of these compounds are called karmadhAraya and dvigu
उक्थ n. uktha kind of recitation or certain recited verses forming a subdivision of the zastras
वर्ग m. varga subdivision of an adhyAya in the Rgveda and a similar subdivision in the bRhaddevatA
वर्ग m. varga subdivision of an adhyAya in the Rgveda and a similar subdivision in the bRhaddevatA