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अनुवर्तिन् adj. anuvartin subsequent
उत्तर adj. pron. uttara subsequent
उदच् adj. udac subsequent
उपरितन adj. uparitana subsequent [in a book]
प्रतीचीन adj. pratIcIna subsequent
पर adj. para subsequent
अधिक adj. adhika subsequent
अग्रेतन adj. agretana subsequently
उत्तरत्र ind. uttaratra subsequently
आनूक ind. AnUka subsequently
उदक् ind. udak subsequently
पश्चात्काले ind. pazcAtkAle subsequently
विपाक m. vipAka subsequently
प्राचीन n. prAcIna subsequently
अनुक्रिया f. anukriyA subsequent rite
पश्चात्काल m. pazcAtkAla subsequent time
ऊर्ध्वभाग m. UrdhvabhAga subsequent part
उदय m. udaya subsequent sound
अनुताप m. anutApa subsequent sorrow
अनुताप m. anutApa subsequent regret
वक्ष्यमाणत्व n. vakSyamANatva subsequent mention
अनुकथन n. anukathana subsequent mention
अनुपूरण n. anupUraNa subsequent filling
अनुक्री adj. anukrI bought subsequently
उत्तरेद्युस् ind. uttaredyus on a subsequent day
अनुप्रश्न m. anuprazna subsequent question
अनुमोद m. anumoda subsequent pleasure
अनुकार्य n. anukArya subsequent business
परावर adj. parAvara prior and subsequent
परोवरीण adj. parovarINa prior and subsequent
पूर्वापर adj. pUrvApara prior and subsequent
अनूद्देश m. anUddeza subsequent indication
अनुप्रैष m. anupraiSa subsequent invitation
अनुशंसशंसन n. anuzaMsazaMsana subsequent recitation
उभयद्युस् ind. ubhayadyus on two subsequent days
उभयेद्युस् ind. ubhayedyus on two subsequent days
प्रत्यनुतप्यते verb pass. pratyanutapyate { pratyanutap } feel subsequent remorse
अनन्ववजय m. ananvavajaya not winning subsequently
अन्वास्ते verb 2 anvAste { anvAs } take a seat subsequently
पूर्वोत्तर adj. pUrvottara antecedent and subsequent
परभूत adj. parabhUta following or subsequent on
प्रत्यय m. pratyaya subsequent sound or letter
अभियोजन n. abhiyojana putting to subsequently on
अनूद्धरति verb 2 anUddharati { anUddhR } take out from subsequently
अनूद्धरते verb 2 anUddharate { anUddhR } take out from subsequently
और्ध्वकालिक adj. aurdhvakAlika relating to subsequent time
अनुकर्मन् n. anukarman subsequent rite or ceremony
समनुतप्यते verb pass. samanutapyate { samanutap } suffer great subsequent pain
अनुयाग m. anuyAga subsequent or after sacrifice
पररूप n. pararUpa following or subsequent sound
अनुप्रजनयति verb caus. anuprajanayati { anuprajan } cause to be born subsequently
उत्तरज adj. uttaraja born subsequently or afterwards
उत्तरधेय adj. uttaradheya to be done or applied subsequently
पूर्वापरविरोध m. pUrvAparavirodha opposition of prior and subsequent
ऊर्ध्वाम्नाय m. UrdhvAmnAya subsequent or further sacred tradition
अनुनिर्वाप्य adj. anunirvApya to be taken out and shared subsequently
अनुनिर्वाप्या adj. anunirvApyA to be taken out and shared subsequently
अनुकृष्ट adj. anukRSTa included or implied in a subsequent rule
वक्ष्यमाण adj. vakSyamANa to be mentioned hereafter or subsequently
नष्टजन्मन् n. naSTajanman subsequent calculation of a lost nativity
नष्टजातक n. naSTajAtaka subsequent calculation of a lost nativity
अपरवेदनीय n. aparavedanIya manifesting itself at a subsequent period
अनुक्रिया f. anukriyA doing anything in like manner or subsequently
अनुषङ्ग m. anuSaGga connection of a subsequent with a previous act
प्रतिज्ञान्तर n. pratijJAntara subsequent proposition on failure of the first
अनुसमाप्नोति verb caus. anusamApnoti { anusamAp } complete or accomplish further or subsequently
परभाव m. parabhAva being subsequent or second member in a compound
विनाशसम्भव m. vinAzasambhava cause of the subsequent non-existence of a composite body
काकाक्षिन्यायात् ind. kAkAkSinyAyAt in such a way as to belong both to the preceding and subsequent
काकाक्षिन्यायेन ind. kAkAkSinyAyena in such a way as to belong both to the preceding and subsequent
काकाक्षिवत् ind. kAkAkSivat in such a way as to belong both to the preceding and subsequent
उत्तराधिकारिन् adj. uttarAdhikArin an heir or claimant subsequent to the death of the original owner
अन्वादेश m. anvAdeza re-employment of the same word in a subsequent part of a sentence
अन्वादेश m. anvAdeza employment again of the same thing to perform a subsequent operation
सङ्ख्यातानुदेश m. saGkhyAtAnudeza subsequent enumeration the members of which correspond successively to those of a previous one on
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