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यात्राकर adj. yAtrAkara subsisting
उपजीवक adj. upajIvaka subsisting by [with instr. or ifc.]
उपजीविन् adj. upajIvin subsisting by
हुताशवृत्ति adj. hutAzavRtti subsisting by fire
सलिलोपजीविन् adj. salilopajIvin subsisting by water
पोषक adj. poSaka subsisting on or by
वेतनजीविन् adj. vetanajIvin subsisting by wages
अम्बुभक्ष्य adj. ambubhakSya subsisting on water
भैक्ष adj. bhaikSa subsisting by charity
विपणपणिजीविन् adj. vipaNapaNijIvin subsisting by traffic
शिलवृत्ति adj. zilavRtti subsisting by gleaning
शिलोञ्छिन् adj. ziloJchin subsisting by gleaning
भगवृत्ति adj. bhagavRtti subsisting by the vulva
सलिलाशन adj. salilAzana subsisting only on water
आजीवति verb AjIvati { AjIv } live by subsisting on st.
बुद्धिजीविन् adj. buddhijIvin subsisting by intelligence
पिण्डमात्रोपजीविन् adj. piNDamAtropajIvin subsisting on a mere morsel
नक्षत्रोपजीविन् m. nakSatropajIvin subsisting by the nakSatras
सदासा adj. sadAsA always subsisting abundantly
रूपजीवना f. rUpajIvanA subsisting by beauty of form
भारजीविन् m. bhArajIvin subsisting by carrying loads
ब्रह्मजीविन् adj. brahmajIvin subsisting by sacred learning
भैक्षजीविका f. bhaikSajIvikA subsisting by alms or charity
पयोव्रत adj. payovrata subsisting on nothing but milk
वीरोपजीवक m. vIropajIvaka subsisting by a sacrificial fire
निकृतिजीवन adj. nikRtijIvana subsisting by fraud or dishonesty
औपनिषत्क adj. aupaniSatka subsisting by teaching an upaniSad
याच्ञाजीवन n. yAcJAjIvana subsisting by begging or mendicancy
स्ववृत्ति adj. svavRtti subsisting by cleansing own exertions
पञ्चधारणक adj. paJcadhAraNaka upheld or subsisting by the five elements
हेतुहेतुमद्भाव m. hetuhetumadbhAva relation subsisting between cause and effect
पयोव्रत n. payovrata offering milk to viSNu and subsisting upon it for 12 days
देवाजीविन् m. devAjIvin man subsisting by attending on an idol and receiving its offerings
देवाजीव m. devAjIva man subsisting by attending on an idol and receiving its offerings
व्यधिकरण n. vyadhikaraNa subsisting or inhering in different receptacles or subjects or substrata
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