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पर्याय m. paryAya substitute
मुद्रा-स्थानापन्न n. mudrA-sthAnApanna substitute of money [Econ.]
परार्थवादिन् adj. parArthavAdin substitute
प्रतिकृति f. pratikRti substitute
प्रतिहस्त m. pratihasta substitute
प्रतिपुरुष m. pratipuruSa substitute
प्रतिहस्तक m. pratihastaka substitute
प्रतिपूरुष m. pratipUruSa substitute
उपाधि m. upAdhi substitute
प्रतिनिधि m. pratinidhi substitute
शून्यपाल m. zUnyapAla substitute
प्रतिच्छन्द m. praticchanda substitute
प्रातिनिधिक m. prAtinidhika substitute
आनुकल्पिक n. Anukalpika substitute
उपसर्जन n. upasarjana substitute
प्रतिनिदधाति verb pratinidadhAti { pratinidhA } substitute
प्रतिप्रयुङ्क्ते verb pratiprayuGkte { pratiprayuj } substitute
प्रतिप्रयुनक्ति verb pratiprayunakti { pratiprayuj } substitute
अतिदिष्ट adj. atidiSTa substituted
स्थानिक adj. sthAnika substituted for
प्रतिनिधातव्य adj. pratinidhAtavya to be substituted
प्रतिनिधेय adj. pratinidheya to be substituted
कल्प्य adj. kalpya to be substituted
पुत्रप्रतिनिधि m. putrapratinidhi substitute for a son
इन्द्रभाजन n. indrabhAjana substitute for indra
पुत्रभाण्ड n. putrabhANDa substitute for a son
पदहित m. padahita substitute for a husband
स्वप्रतिनिधि m. svapratinidhi substitute for one's self
स्विष्टकृद्भाजन n. sviSTakRdbhAjana substitute for fire sviSTa
व्यावर्तयति verb caus. vyAvartayati { vyAvRt } substitute one for another
प्रतिनिधापयितव्य adj. pratinidhApayitavya to be caused to be substituted
स्थानापन्न adj. sthAnApanna substituted in place of another
प्रस्तरभाजन n. prastarabhAjana substitute for sacrificial grass
प्रतिविधान n. pratividhAna subsidiary or substituted ceremony
अग्नि m. agni mystical substitute for the letter r
एकादेश m. ekAdeza one sound substituted for two or more
अनुप्रहृतभाजन n. anuprahRtabhAjana substitute for what is thrown into the fire
कतम adj. katama it is often a mere strengthened substitute for ka
वेदिभाजन n. vedibhAjana that which is substituted for the sacrificial ground
त्रिस् ind. tris before gutturals and palatals H may be substituted by S
बालयज्ञोपवीतक n. bAlayajJopavItaka sort of substitute for the sacred thread worn by children
मन्त्रस्नान n. mantrasnAna recitation of particular texts as a substitute for ablution
पर्णनर m. parNanara effigy stuffed with leaves or made of leaves and burnt as a substitute for a lost corpse
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