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उपाधि m. upAdhi substitution
प्रतिस्थापन n. pratisthApana substitution
आतिदेशिक adj. Atidezika substitution
व्यापत्ति f. vyApatti substitution
स्थानापत्ति f. sthAnApatti substitution
अतिदेश m. atideza substitution
प्रतिनिधि m. pratinidhi substitution
आरोपण n. AropaNa substitution
षत्व n. Satva substitution of S for s
उत्थापन n. utthApana substitution of a value
उत्थाप्य adj. utthApya to be brought out by substitution
विनाम m. vinAma substitution of S for s and N for n
षत्वणत्व n. SatvaNatva substitution of S for s and of N for n
एकादेश m. ekAdeza substitution of one sound for two or more
वर्णविपर्यय m. varNaviparyaya change or substitution of one letter for another
व्यापन्न adj. vyApanna changed by the substitution of another sound or symbol
परिवृत्ति f. parivRtti substitution of one word for another without affecting the sense
षात्वणत्विक adj. SAtvaNatvika relating to or treating of the substitution of S for s and N for n
स्थाली f. sthAlI substitution of a cooked offering of rice for a meat offering at the mAMsASTakA
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