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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
वियोग m. viyoga subtraction
व्यवकलन n. vyavakalana subtraction
ऊनी करोति verb UnI karoti { UnIkR } reduce or lessen by subtraction
ऊनी करोति verb UnI karoti { UnIkR } subtract
प्रोज्झति verb projjhati { projjh } subtract
विशोधयति verb caus. vizodhayati { vizudh } subtract
शोधयति verb caus. zodhayati { zudh } subtract
वियोजयति verb caus. viyojayati { vi- yuj } subtract
वियोजयते verb caus. viyojayate { viyuj } subtract
संशोधयति verb caus. saMzodhayati { saMzudh } subtract
पातयति verbb caus. pAtayati { pat } subtract
हीनित adj. hInita subtracted
विशुद्ध adj. vizuddha subtracted
प्रच्युत adj. pracyuta subtracted
व्यवकलनवकलित adj. vyavakalanavakalita subtracted
हीन m. hIna subtraction
अपवाह m. apavAha subtraction
अपवाहक m. apavAhaka subtraction
वीशोधन n. vIzodhana subtraction
व्यवकलनवकलित n. vyavakalanavakalita subtraction
शोधन n. zodhana subtraction
पतन n. patana subtraction
वियोजन n. viyojana subtraction
अपवाहन n. apavAhana subtraction
हीयते verb pass. hIyate { hA } be subtracted
हीयते verb pass. hIyate { hA } be subtracted
हेय adj. heya to be subtracted
शोधनीय adj. zodhanIya to be subtracted
शोध्य adj. zodhya to be subtracted
तुल्यशुद्धि f. tulyazuddhi equal subtraction
समशोधन n. samazodhana equal subtraction
विशुद्धि f. vizuddhi subtractive quantity
वीशोध्य n. vIzodhya to be subtracted from
लवापवाह m. lavApavAha subtraction of fractions
भिन्नव्यवकलित n. bhinnavyavakalita subtraction of fractions
दानविशोधन n. dAnavizodhana addition and subtraction
राशिभागापवाह m. rAzibhAgApavAha subtraction of a fraction
निर्जिहीर्षति verb Desid. nirjihIrSati { nirhR } wish to take off or subtract
शोध्य n. zodhya constant number to be subtracted
विवर्जित adj. vivarjita that from which anything is subtracted
रूपभागापवाह m. rUpabhAgApavAha subtraction of the fraction of an unit
शोधक m. zodhaka quantity to be subtracted from a number
वियुत adj. viyuta that from which something has been subtracted
शुद्धि f. zuddhi subtraction of a quantity or a quantity to be subtracted
शुद्धि f. zuddhi subtraction of a quantity or a quantity to be subtracted
समशोधन n. samazodhana subtraction of the same quantity on both sides of the equation
भागापवाहजाति f. bhAgApavAhajAti reduction of quantities to uniformity by the subtraction of a fraction
कनिष्ठपद n. kaniSThapada least root (that quantity of which the square multiplied by the given multiplicator and having the given addend added or subtrahend subtracted is capable of affording an exact square root)