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परि adverb pari successively
यथाक्रमम् adverb yathAkramam successively
यथानुपूर्व्य adverb yathAnupUrvya successively
यथाक्रमेण ind. yathAkrameNa successively
अभिपूर्वम् ind. abhipUrvam successively
क्रमतस् ind. kramatas successively
यथानुपूर्वम् ind. yathAnupUrvam successively
अभिपूर्वेण ind. abhipUrveNa successively
यथानुपूर्व्या ind. yathAnupUrvyA successively
विग्राहम् ind. vigrAham successively
अवरपरम् ind. avaraparam successively
यथाक्रम ind. yathAkrama successively
पर्यायेण indecl. paryAyeNa successively
अनुप्रमुञ्चति verb anupramuJcati { anupramuc } go successively
अनुसंविचरति verb anusaMvicarati { anusaMvicar } visit successively
अनुभुनक्ति verb anubhunakti { anubhuj } enjoy successively
अनुसृजति verb anusRjati { anusRj } create successively
अन्वाक्शायम् ind. anvAkzAyam reciting successively
अनुसम्पश्यति verb anusampazyati { anusaMdRz } consider successively
अन्ववदधाति verb anvavadadhAti { anvavadhA } place into successively
अक्रम adj. akrama not happening successively
परम्परतस् indecl. paramparatas successively or continually
अन्ववकिरण n. anvavakiraNa scattering about successively
अनुसमेति verb 2 anusameti { anusami } visit conjointly or successively
परम्परम् indecl. paramparam successively without interruption
ग्लायक adj. glAyaka diminishing one's food successively
परियाति verb pariyAti { pariyA } run through i.e. assume successively
क्रमकालयोग m. kramakAlayoga events as resulting successively in time
अनूत्सारम् ind. anUtsAram while leaving a place or retiring successively
अर्थान्तर्य n. arthAntarya repetition required by the sense of one or more words successively
सङ्ख्यातानुदेश m. saGkhyAtAnudeza subsequent enumeration the members of which correspond successively to those of a previous one on
जलतरङ्गिणी f. jalataraGgiNI series of cups filled with water in varying quantities and played on as a musical instrument by striking them successively with
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