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पीत adj. pIta sucked
चूषित adj. cUSita sucked
धीत n. dhIta sucked
चूषित adj. cUSita sucked up
दुग्ध adj. dugdha sucked out
दुघ्द adj. dughda sucked out
अदुग्ध adj. adugdha not sucked out
निष्पीत adj. niSpIta dried or sucked up
चूषणीय adj. cUSaNIya what may be sucked
शोषित adj. zoSita dried or sucked up
परिपीत adj. paripIta drunk or sucked out
धातु adj. dhAtu to be sucked in or drunk
चूष्यते verb pass. cUSyate { cUS } be sucked up or dried up
वत्सपीता f. vatsapItA at which a calf has sucked
निपीतकुसुम adj. nipItakusuma whose blossoms are sucked by
पूर्वदुग्ध adj. pUrvadugdha sucked out or plundered before
धीतरस adj. dhItarasa whose juice has been sucked out
अधीतरस adj. adhItarasa having the juice not sucked out
अपिशाचधीत adj. apizAcadhIta not drunk or sucked by pizAcas
निपीतसार adj. nipItasAra whose moisture has been sucked in
शोषणीय adj. zoSaNIya to be dried or sucked up or drained or absorbed
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