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सोढ adj. soDha suffered
निर्धूत adj. nirdhUta suffered
तपनीय adj. tapanIya to be suffered
क्षमणीय adj. kSamaNIya to be suffered
क्षन्तव्य adj. kSantavya to be suffered
भावनीय adj. bhAvanIya to be suffered or endured
भोग्य adj. bhogya to be endured or suffered
सुसह adj. susaha easy to be borne or suffered
धार्य adj. dhArya to be suffered or put up with
भोज्य adj. bhojya to be suffered or experienced
क्षमणीय adj. kSamaNIya to be suffered or patiently borne
परपरिभव m. paraparibhava humiliation or injury suffered from others
दुर्धर adj. durdhara difficult to be carried or borne or suffered
दुष्प्रसह adj. duSprasaha difficult to be borne or supported or suffered
क्षीणपाप adj. kSINapApa purified after having suffered the consequences of sin
क्षीणपाप adj. kSINapApa purified (after having suffered the consequences of sin)
भुक्तभोग adj. bhuktabhoga one who has enjoyed an enjoyment or suffered a suffering
क्षन्तव्य adj. kSantavya to be borne or endured or suffered or submitted to patiently
वीरहन् m. vIrahan Brahman who has suffered his sacred domestic fire to become extinct
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