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प्रत्यय m. pratyaya suffix [Grammar]
द्वय n. dvaya group of two [used as a suffix to noun]
नामकरण m. nAmakaraNa nominal suffix
स्त्रीप्रत्यय m. strIpratyaya feminine suffix
सप्रत्ययक adj. sapratyayaka together with a suffix
प्रत्यय m. pratyaya affix or suffix to roots
सामूहिक m. sAmUhika suffix forming collective nouns
बाह्यतद्धित n. bAhyataddhita external or secondary taddhita suffix
शाब्दिकविद्वक्तविप्रमोदक n. zAbdikavidvaktavipramodaka list of words formed by uNAdi suffixes
कार्त adj. kArta relating to or treating of the kRt suffixes
अवग्रह m. avagraha or of the stem and certain suffixes and terminations
समासान्त m. samAsAnta suffix at the end of a compound belonging to the whole of it
यङन्त m. yaGanta Atmanepada Intensive formed by reduplication and the suffix ya
साधन n. sAdhana conjugational affix or suffix which is placed between the root and terminations
तरम् taram added in older language to adverbs and in later language to verbs to intensify their meaning [suffix - Gramm.]
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