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सूचना f. sUcanA suggestion
समीचीना सूचना expr. samIcInA sUcanA A good suggestion indeed.
व्यञ्जना f. vyaJjanA suggestion
उपक्षेप m. upakSepa suggestion
उपन्यास m. upanyAsa suggestion
व्यञ्जन n. vyaJjana suggestion
उपक्षेपण n. upakSepaNa suggestion
समाक्षेप m. samAkSepa suggestion of
यथोपदेशम् ind. yathopadezam according to advice or suggestion
सन्दिग्ध n. sandigdha ambiguous suggestion or expression
शाब्दव्यञ्जना f. zAbdavyaJjanA suggestion or insinuation founded on mere words
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