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परिजन m. parijana suite
नियोगसम्पुट m. niyogasampuTa office suite [computer]
उपयुक्त adj. upayukta suited, worthy
तन्त्रांशसमुच्चय n. tantrAMzasamuccaya software suite [computer]
तन्त्रांशनिर्माणसम्पुट n. tantrAMzanirmANasampuTa development suite [computer]
प्राप्तकाल adj. prAptakAla suited to the occasion
परिवार m. parivAra suite
सम्भावित adj. sambhAvita suited
प्राणाय्य adj. prANAyya suited
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not suited
अयुक्तता f. ayuktatA ill-suited
अयुक्तता f. ayuktatA ill-suited
सम्भाव्य adj. sambhAvya well-suited
स्वनुरूप adj. svanurUpa well suited
सम्भाव्य adj. sambhAvya well-suited
समुचित adj. samucita well suited
नृपोचित m. nRpocita suited to a king
उपभोगक्षम adj. upabhogakSama suited to enjoyment
अनविथ्य adj. anavithya not suited to sheep
सार्वकालिक adj. sArvakAlika suited to all seasons
प्रस्तावसदृश adj. prastAvasadRza suited to the occasion
माष्य adj. mASya fit or suited for beans
अविथ्य adj. avithya fit or suited for sheep
उपपन्न adj. upapanna suited for the occasion
अविथ्या adj. avithyA fit or suited for sheep
ऋतुसात्म्य n. RtusAtmya diet suited to a season
सम्प्रयोजित adj. samprayojita well suited for anything
स्वप्रमाणानुरूप adj. svapramANAnurUpa suited to one's strength
स्वानुरूप adj. svAnurUpa suited to one's character
तिल्य adj. tilya suited for sesamum cultivation
राजमाष्य adj. rAjamASya suited to the cultivation of it
वास्तुकाल m. vAstukAla time suited for building a house
लोकाधिपतेय n. lokAdhipateya conduct suited to public opinion
कालधर्म m. kAladharma effects suited to the time or season
परिणामपथ्य adj. pariNAmapathya suited to a future state or condition
पुरुषच्छन्दस n. puruSacchandasa metre suited for men i.e. the dvipadA
सङ्घुष्टक adj. saGghuSTaka suited or accustomed to each other on . 8
सार्वजनिक adj. sArvajanika relating or belonging or suited to all men
समयोचित adj. samayocita suited to the occasion or time or to an emergency
वार्षिक adj. vArSika growing in the rainy season or fit for or suited to it
ब्रह्मासना f. brahmAsanA particular posture suited to devout religious meditation
जानपद m. jAnapada belonging to or suited for the inhabitants of the country
योगासन n. yogAsana mode of sitting suited to profound meditation or similar to that of the yoga
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