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सुकृत adj. sukRta treated with kindness
सुकृत adj. sukRta well-conducted
सुकृत adj. sukRta well formed
सुकृत adj. sukRta befriended
सुकृत adj. sukRta well done or made or formed or executed
सुकृत adj. sukRta adorned
सुकृत adj. sukRta well executed
सुकृत adj. sukRta well conducted
सुकृत adj. sukRta well arranged
सुकृत adj. sukRta virtuous
सुकृत adj. sukRta meritorious
सुकृत adj. sukRta well adorned
सुकृत adj. sukRta fortunate
सुकृत adj. sukRta made good
सुकृत adj. sukRta well-done
सुकृत n. sukRta fortune
सुकृत n. sukRta benefit
सुकृत n. sukRta favour
सुकृत n. sukRta good or righteous deed
सुकृत n. sukRta meritorious deed
सुकृत n. sukRta auspiciousness
सुकृत n. sukRta good action
सुकृत n. sukRta virtue
सुकृत n. sukRta moral merit
सुकृत n. sukRta reward
सुकृत n. sukRta bounty
सुकृत n. sukRta friendly aid
सुकृत n. sukRta meritorious act
सुकृत n. sukRta recompense
सुकृत n. sukRta world of virtue
सुकृत n. sukRta heaven
सुकृत n. sukRta merit
शूकृत adj. zUkRta spurring
शूकृत adj. zUkRta urging
शूकृत adj. zUkRta startled by the sound zU
सुकृताशा f. sukRtAzA hope of a reward for good acts
सुकृताशा f. sukRtAzA the hope of reward for good deeds
सुकृतभाज् adj. sukRtabhAj connected with merit
सुकृतभाज् adj. sukRtabhAj meritorious
सुकृतरस m. sukRtarasa essence of merits or good deeds
सुकृतरस m. sukRtarasa the essence of merits or good deeds
सुकृतार्थ adj. sukRtArtha one who has obtained the objective
सुकृतार्थ adj. sukRtArtha one who has fully attained his object
सुकृतात्मन् adj. sukRtAtman one with cultivated and refined mind
सुकृतात्मन् adj. sukRtAtman one who has a well cultivated or refined mind
सुकृतावास adj. sukRtAvAsa having a well-made or well-arranged residence
सुकृतावास adj. sukRtAvAsa having well-made or well-arranged residence
सुकृतकर्मन् adj. sukRtakarman virtuous
सुकृतकर्मन् adj. sukRtakarman doing good deeds
सुकृतकर्मन् n. sukRtakarman good or meritorious act
सुकृतकर्मन् n. sukRtakarman good deeds
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