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अभिगीत ppp. abhigIta sung
चोक्ष adj. cokSa sung
परिगीत adj. parigIta sung
परिष्टुत adj. pariSTuta sung
उपगीत adj. upagIta sung
निगीत adj. nigIta sung
गीत adj. gIta sung
वाशित adj. vAzita sung
प्रगीत adj. pragIta sung
निकूजित adj. nikUjita sung
उद्गीत adj. udgIta sung
यथागीत adj. yathAgIta as sung
आगीत adj. AgIta sung unto
गेय adj. geya to be sung
उद्गेय adj. udgeya to be sung
गातव्य adj. gAtavya to be sung
अनुगीत adj. anugIta sung after
विगीत adj. vigIta sung badly
समुद्गीत adj. samudgIta sung out loud
सङ्गीत adj. saGgIta sung together
उपगीयते verb pass. upagIyate { upagai } be sung before
गीतागीत adj. gItAgIta sung and unsung
अनुगेय adj. anugeya to be sung after
प्रोद्गीत adj. prodgIta begun to be sung
गीतक्षम adj. gItakSama that may be sung
वायुगीत adj. vAyugIta sung by the wind
पुनर्गेय adj. punargeya to be sung again
उपगीत adj. upagIta sung to or before
अवगीत adj. avagIta sung of frequently
प्रमत्तगीत m. pramattagIta sung by a drunkard
अनुगीत adj. anugIta sung in response to
अवगीत adj. avagIta sung depreciatingly
पुराणगीत m. purANagIta sung by the ancients
गीतबन्धन n. gItabandhana epic poem to be sung
उद्गीय ind. udgIya having sung or chanted
ग्रामगेय n. grAmageya to be sung in a village
उपगेय adj. upageya to be sung or celebrated
सङ्गीत adj. saGgIta sung in chorus or harmony
ग्रामेगेय adj. grAmegeya to be sung in the village
प्रातर्गेय adj. prAtargeya to be sung in the morning
पूर्वाह्णेगेय adj. pUrvAhNegeya to be sung in the forenoon
गापयति verb caus. gApayati { gai } be sung or praised in song
गीयते verb pass. gIyate { gai } be sung or praised in song
विगीत adj. vigIta sung or said in various ways
ऊपास्वर n. UpAsvara way in which the UpA is sung
सङ्गीयते verb pass. saGgIyate { saMgai } be sung or praised in chorus
उभयसामन् adj. ubhayasAman on which both sAmans are sung
गेय adj. geya being sung or praised in song
उपगीयते verb pass. upagIyate { upagai } to be sung or praised in song
स्तुतस्तोम adj. stutastoma one whose praise has been sung
अरण्येगेय adj. araNyegeya that must be sung in the forest
आगेय adj. Ageya to be sung or intoned in a low voice
बहिष्पवमानास्ताव m. bahiSpavamAnAstAva place where the bahiS stotra is sung
पन्नगीगीर्तकीर्ति adj. pannagIgIrtakIrti whose praise is sung by serpent-maids
गेयपद n. geyapada song sung before any one with the lute
आस्ताव m. AstAva place where a particular stotra is sung
प्रमत्तगीत adj. pramattagIta sung or recited by an intoxicated person
अहःसामन् n. ahaHsAman liturgy that is to be sung during the day
ग्रहोक्थ n. grahoktha hymn sung while a ladleful is being taken up
निधन n. nidhana concluding passage of a sAman which is sung in chorus
प्रच्छेदक m. pracchedaka song sung by a wife who thinks her husband false to her
अनुपद n. anupada burden of a song or words sung again after regular intervals
आक्षिप्तिका f. AkSiptikA particular air or song sung by an actor on approaching the stage
वीरसेन m. vIrasena name of a general of agni-mitra, who was a king in Sunga dynasty
सङ्गीत n. saGgIta song sung by many voices or singing accompanied by instrumental music
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