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उपस्कृत adj. upaskRta supplied
सुसम्पन्न adj. susampanna supplied
अध्याहृत adj. adhyAhRta supplied
अनुषञ्जनीय adj. anuSaJjanIya supplied
सम्पन्न adj. sampanna supplied
आरोपित adj. Aropita supplied
आरोप्य adj. Aropya supplied
विहित adj. vihita supplied
सुविहित adj. suvihita well supplied
समुदित adj. samudita well supplied
पूजित adj. pUjita supplied with
पूरणीय adj. pUraNIya to be supplied
अन्वायात्य adj. anvAyAtya to be supplied
अयुक्त adj. ayukta to be supplied
अध्याहरणीय adj. adhyAharaNIya to be supplied
अध्याहर्तव्य adj. adhyAhartavya to be supplied
कृतालोक adj. kRtAloka supplied with light
नित्यपुष्ट adj. nityapuSTa always well-supplied
नित्यपुष्ट adj. nityapuSTa always well-supplied
सावस adj. sAvasa supplied with provisions
वस्तुवत् adj. vastuvat supplied with commodities
प्रसक्त adj. prasakta supplied or provided with
योजित adj. yojita supplied or furnished with
आरोपणीय adj. AropaNIya to be inserted or supplied
समुपेत adj. samupeta furnished or supplied with
फलमूलवत् adj. phalamUlavat supplied with fruit and roots
प्रथमस्वर adj. prathamasvara supplied with the first sound
उदकवत् adj. udakavat supplied or filled with water
शेष m.n. zeSa that which has to be supplied
संयुज्यते verb pass. saMyujyate { saMyuj } be supplied or furnished with
सम्बध्यते verb pass. sambadhyate { sambandh } be connected with or supplied
वर्तते verb 1 vartate { vRt } be supplied from what precedes
सुसंयुक्त adj. susaMyukta well supplied or furnished with
सुसमाकृत adj. susamAkRta well furnished or supplied with
योज्य adj. yojya to be supplied or furnished with
अनुषक्त adj. anuSakta supplied from something preceding
अनुवर्त्य adj. anuvartya to be supplied from the preceding
अनुवर्तनीय adj. anuvartanIya to be supplied from a previous rule
गृहीतपाथेय adj. gRhItapAtheya supplied with victuals for a journey
समायुक्त adj. samAyukta furnished or supplied or provided with
सारोप adj. sAropa containing an attribute to be supplied
महासनपरिच्छद adj. mahAsanaparicchada amply supplied with seats and furniture
साध्याहार adj. sAdhyAhAra having or with something to be supplied
सक्षीरदृति adj. sakSIradRti supplied with leather bags containing milk
प्रा adj. prA leaving the preposition pra to be supplied
अयुक्तपदार्थ m. ayuktapadArtha sense of a word not given but to be supplied
अधन्य adj. adhanya not richly supplied with corn or other produce
सारोपा f. sAropA ellipsis containing an attribute to be supplied
अग्रोपहरणीय adj. agropaharaNIya that which has to be first or principally supplied
स्थानिन् adj. sthAnin that which should be in the place or is to be supplied
वाक्यशेष m. vAkyazeSa part of a sentence which is wanting and has to be supplied
युक्त adj. yukta furnished or endowed or filled or supplied or provided with
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