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स्तम्भित adj. stambhita supported
किमाश्रय adj. kimAzraya being supported by what?
साधार adj. sAdhAra supported
संस्तम्भित adj. saMstambhita supported
साधारित adj. sAdhArita supported
उपवृंहित adj. upavRMhita supported
स्तब्ध adj. stabdha supported
स्कभित adj. skabhita supported
विष्कब्ध adj. viSkabdha supported
आलम्बित adj. Alambita supported
भर्त्रिम adj. bhartrima supported
दत्तहस्त adj. dattahasta supported [by the hand]
पोषित adj. poSita supported
स्तभित adj. stabhita supported
संस्तब्ध adj. saMstabdha supported
विष्टब्ध adj. viSTabdha supported
उत्तभित adj. uttabhita supported
उत्तंभित adj. uttaMbhita supported
सहित adj. sahita supported
उपस्तब्ध adj. upastabdha supported
व्लीन adj. vlIna supported
सावष्टंभ adj. sAvaSTaMbha supported
धारित adj. dhArita supported
सावलम्ब adj. sAvalamba supported
समालम्बित adj. samAlambita supported
विभृत adj. vibhRta supported
उपगृहीत adj. upagRhIta supported
संस्तम्भयामास verb saMstambhayAmAsa { stambh } supported
अवष्टब्ध adj. avaSTabdha supported by
समुपाश्रित adj. samupAzrita supported by
दत्तहस्त adj. dattahasta supported by
अनाश्रित adj. anAzrita not supported
निरालम्ब adj. nirAlamba self-supported
निरालम्ब adj. nirAlamba self-supported [i]
सुप्रतिष्ठित adj. supratiSThita well supported
निरालम्ब adj. nirAlamba self-supported
उपजीवति verb upajIvati { upajIv } be supported by
श्रयते verb 1 zrayate { zri } be supported on
अप्रतिष्टब्ध adj. apratiSTabdha not supported by
आलम्ब्य ind. Alambya having supported
आलम्ब्य ppp. Alambya having supported
क्षीरभृत adj. kSIrabhRta supported by milk
धृत adj. dhRta supported or kept
सर्पभृता f. sarpabhRtA supported by snake
वेवेष्टि verb Intens. veveSTi { viS } aided or supported by
वेविष्टे verb Intens. veviSTe { viS } aided or supported by
अनुपपन्न adj. anupapanna inadequately supported
भृत्यजन m. bhRtyajana person to be supported
लम्बित adj. lambita supported or resting on
चतुश्चित्य adj. catuzcitya supported by 4 stratums
धर्तव्य adj. dhartavya to be upheld or supported
उत्तम्भितव्य adj. uttambhitavya to be supported or upheld
अवलम्बित adj. avalambita supported or protected by
श्रुतिमत् adj. zrutimat supported by a Vedic text
अनवलम्बित adj. anavalambita not supported or propped up
प्रभर्तव्य adj. prabhartavya to be supported or nourished
विधारयितव्य adj. vidhArayitavya to be supported or maintained
निरालम्बन adj. nirAlambana supportless or self-supported
निरालम्बन adj. nirAlambana supportless or self-supported
करधृत adj. karadhRta held or supported by the hand
सन्धारणीय adj. sandhAraNIya to be supported or kept alive
सहस्रस्थूण adj. sahasrasthUNa supported by a thousand columns
अन्योन्याश्रित adj. anyonyAzrita mutually supported or depending
हस्तावलम्ब adj. hastAvalamba supported by the hand of another
सम्पोष्य adj. sampoSya to be well nourished or supported
दुर्विषह adj. durviSaha difficult to be borne or supported
उपवृंहित adj. upavRMhita increased or supported or aided by
स्वहस्तित adj. svahastita held or supported by one's own hand
ब्रह्मायतनीय adj. brahmAyatanIya leaning on or supported by Brahmans
कुण्डाशिन् adj. kuNDAzin one who is supported by an adulterine
भरणीय adj. bharaNIya to be borne or supported or maintained
परभृत्य adj. parabhRtya to be nourished or supported by another
स्तभ्यते verb pass. stabhyate { stambh } be firmly fixed or supported or propped
भार्य m. bhArya one supported by or dependent on another
भर्तव्य adj. bhartavya to be supported or maintained or nourished
संस्तभ्य ind. saMstabhya having supported or composed the mind firmly
दुष्प्रसह adj. duSprasaha difficult to be borne or supported or suffered
दुर्भर adj. durbhara difficult to be borne or supported or maintained
संस्तभ्य ind. saMstabhya having supported or confirmed or strengthened or encouraged
प्राकषिक m. prAkaSika dancer employed by a woman or one supported by another's wives
भार्य adj. bhArya to be borne or supported or cherished or nourished or maintained
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