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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
मत adj. mata supposed
किल adverb kila supposedly
व्याजेन adverb ins vyAjena supposedly
अभिमत adj. abhimata supposed
कल्पित adj. kalpita supposed
सम्भावित adj. sambhAvita supposed
अध्यस्त adj. adhyasta supposed
सम्मत adj. sammata supposed
कल्पयितव्य adj. kalpayitavya to be supposed
सम्भावयितव्य adj. sambhAvayitavya to be supposed
कल्पनीय adj. kalpanIya to be supposed and
प्रजावत् m. prajAvat supposed author of
शङ्कनीय adj. zaGkanIya to be supposed to be
भेरीभ्रमक m. bherIbhramaka supposed name of a poet
सम्भावनीय adj. sambhAvanIya to be assumed or supposed
सप्तनाडीचङ्क्र n. saptanADIcaGkra supposed to foretell rain
सम्भाव्य adj. sambhAvya to be supposed or expected
परिग्रहीतव्य adj. parigrahItavya to be admitted or supposed
सोम m. soma drug of supposed magical properties
पञ्चकोश m. paJcakoza five sheaths supposed to invest the soul
कामवृद्धि m. kAmavRddhi shrub of supposed aphrodisiac properties
दुस्तर्क्य adj. dustarkya difficult to be supposed or reasoned about
अभिषङ्गज्वर m. abhiSaGgajvara fever supposed to be caused by evil spirits
सञ्चार m. saJcAra gem supposed to be in the head of a serpent
पञ्चामृत n. paJcAmRta aggregate of any 5 drugs of supposed efficacy
पिपीलिक n. pipIlika kind of gold supposed to be collected by ants
ब्रह्मतेजस् n. brahmatejas glory or lustre supposed to surround a Brahman
अग्निगर्भ m. agnigarbha gem supposed to contain and give out solar heat
यमर्क्ष n. yamarkSa lunar mansion bharaNI supposed to be under yama
धनञ्जय m. dhanaJjaya particular vital air supposed to nourish the body
भावनीय adj. bhAvanIya to be conceived or imagined or fancied or supposed
अन्नदेवता f. annadevatA divinity supposed to preside over articles of food
शिशुमार m. zizumAra collection of stars supposed to resemble a dolphin
यन्त्र n. yantra mystical diagram supposed to possess occult powers
ललाटरेखा f. lalATarekhA line on the forehead supposed to indicate long life
रुचक m. rucaka any object or substance supposed to bring good luck
रसायन n. rasAyana medicine supposed to prevent old age and prolong life
रङ्गदेवता f. raGgadevatA goddess supposed to preside over sports and diversions
चिन्तामणि m. cintAmaNi fabulous gem supposed to yield its possessor all desires
स्थानमाहात्म्य n. sthAnamAhAtmya divine virtue supposed to be inherent in any sacred spot
वेदि f. vedi space between the supposed spokes of a wheel-shaped altar
जरण n. jaraNa one of the 10 ways in which an eclipse is supposed to end
पददेवता f. padadevatA deity supposed to preside over a particular class of words
पदगोत्र n. padagotra family supposed to preside over a particular class of words
रसा f. rasA mythical stream supposed to flow round the earth and the atmosphere
ग्रहणी f. grahaNI imaginary organ supposed to lie between the stomach and the intestines
गजमुक्ता f. gajamuktA pearl supposed to be found in the projections of an elephant's forehead
दुन्दुभिस्वन m. dundubhisvana kind of magical formula against evil spirits supposed to possess weapons
उडुम्बर m. uDumbara kind of worm supposed to be generated in the blood and to produce leprosy
विषकन्या f. viSakanyA girl supposed to cause the death of a man who has had intercourse with her
विषकन्यका f. viSakanyakA girl supposed to cause the death of a man who has had intercourse with her
वातरोग m. vAtaroga any disease supposed to arise from a diseased state of the wind in the body
हयग्रीव m. hayagrIva name of the supposed author of the chAndogya upaniSad and various other writers
सप्तमीसमास m. saptamIsamAsa tat-puruSa compound of which the first member is supposed to be in a locative case
ज्योतिष m. jyotiSa particular magical formula for exorcising the evil spirits supposed to possess weapons
सिद्धि f. siddhi acquisition of supernatural powers by magical means or the supposed faculty so acquired
शालग्राम m.n. zAlagrAma sacred stone worshipped by the vaiSNavas and supposed to be pervaded by the presence of viSNu
विपरिवर्तनी f. viparivartanI particular magical formula supposed to be efficacious in causing the return of an absent person
उपपत्तिसम m. upapattisama kind of contradiction in which both the contradicting assertions are supposed to be demonstrable
वर्षपर्वत m. varSaparvata one of the mountainous ranges supposed to separate the varSas or divisions of the earth from each other
ब्रह्मरेखा f. brahmarekhA lines of a man's destiny supposed to be written by brahmA on the forehead of a child on the 6th day after its birth