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प्राकारावृत adj. prAkArAvRta circumvallate [surrounded by rampart]
परिवृत्त adj. parivRtta surrounded
परीत adj. parIta surrounded
उद्वेष्टित adj. udveSTita surrounded
परिक्शिप्त adj. parikzipta surrounded
पर्यस्त adj. paryasta surrounded
परियत्त adj. pariyatta surrounded
उपवेष्टित adj. upaveSTita surrounded
परिकीर्ण adj. parikIrNa surrounded
अवकुण्ठित adj. avakuNThita surrounded
आकीर्ण adj. AkIrNa surrounded
वलयित adj. valayita surrounded
अनुपरिवारित adj. anuparivArita surrounded
पर्यवष्टब्ध adj. paryavaSTabdha surrounded
परिविष्ट adj. pariviSTa surrounded
निवृत adj. nivRta surrounded
विरुद्ध adj. viruddha surrounded
परिकृत adj. parikRta surrounded
आविष्टित adj. AviSTita surrounded
कृत्त adj. kRtta surrounded
परिसृष्ट adj. parisRSTa surrounded
सम्परिवारित adj. samparivArita surrounded
आवेष्टित adj. AveSTita surrounded
परिगत adj. parigata surrounded
गुधित adj. gudhita surrounded
वारित adj. vArita surrounded
परिवीत adj. parivIta surrounded
परिष्वक्त adj. pariSvakta surrounded
आश्लिष्ट adj. AzliSTa surrounded
परिगृहीत adj. parigRhIta surrounded
वेष्टित adj. veSTita surrounded
पर्याप्लुत adj. paryApluta surrounded
परिक्षिप्त adj. parikSipta surrounded
परिवेष्टित ppp. pariveSTita surrounded
वृत ppp. vRta { vR } surrounded
आवृत ppp. AvRta surrounded
अभीवृत adj. abhIvRta surrounded by
वृत adj. vRta surrounded by
अभिवृत adj. abhivRta surrounded by
परिश्रित adj. parizrita surrounded by
संवलित adj. saMvalita surrounded by
पर्युपासीन adj. paryupAsIna surrounded by
अभिसंवृत adj. abhisaMvRta surrounded by
परिवारित adj. parivArita surrounded by
अभिजुष्ट adj. abhijuSTa surrounded by
गणिन् adj. gaNin surrounded by
संरुद्ध adj. saMruddha surrounded by
परिष्कृत adj. pariSkRta surrounded by
आवृत ppp. AvRta surrounded by
अपरीत adj. aparIta not surrounded
परिक्षेप m. parikSepa being surrounded
कोष्ठक n. koSThaka surrounded field
आवेष्ट्य ind. AveSTya having surrounded
दावपरीत adj. dAvaparIta surrounded by fire
समभिसंवृत adj. samabhisaMvRta entirely surrounded
मणिमेखल adj. maNimekhala surrounded by jewel
तोयवत् adj. toyavat surrounded by water
अभितोस्थि adj. abhitosthi surrounded by bones
परिवेषिन् adj. pariveSin surrounded by a halo
अभिवीर adj. abhivIra surrounded by heroes
परितप्त adj. paritapta surrounded with heat
परिविष्ट adj. pariviSTa surrounded by a halo
भूतवत् adj. bhUtavat surrounded by demons
चतुःसमुद्र adj. catuHsamudra surrounded by 4 seas
परिवेषवत् adj. pariveSavat surrounded by a halo
अभिसत्वन् m. abhisatvan surrounded by heroes
पारिखेय adj. pArikheya surrounded by a ditch
सजातवत् adj. sajAtavat surrounded by his kin
सेनापरिच्छद् adj. senAparicchad surrounded by an army
ग्रस्त adj. grasta surrounded or absorbed
समुद्रनेमि adj. samudranemi surrounded by the ocean
विष्वग्वृत adj. viSvagvRta surrounded on all sides
परिषद्वल adj. pariSadvala surrounded by a council
बन्धुमत् adj. bandhumat surrounded by relations
प्लक्षवत् adj. plakSavat surrounded by fig-trees
यज्ञनेमि m. yajJanemi surrounded by sacrifice
सप्तार्णव adj. saptArNava surrounded with 7 oceans
समावृत adj. samAvRta surrounded or beset with
औदका f. audakA town surrounded by water
बहुजन adj. bahujana surrounded by many people
आदित्यवत् adj. Adityavat surrounded by the Adityas
पर्षद्वल adj. parSadvala surrounded by an assembly
मालिन् adj. mAlin encircled or surrounded by
असर्ववीर adj. asarvavIra not surrounded by all men
सप्तसमुद्रवत् adj. saptasamudravat surrounded by the 7 oceans
परीतता f. parItatA being surrounded or filled
समुपायुक्त adj. samupAyukta possessed of. surrounded by
परिष्कृत adj. pariSkRta surrounded or accompanied by
वलित adj. valita surrounded or accompanied by
सम्प्रयुज् adj. samprayuj surrounded or encompassed by
अवरुध्यमान adj. avarudhyamAna being enclosed or surrounded
उपसंहित adj. upasaMhita accompanied or surrounded by
रुद्रवत्वद्गण adj. rudravatvadgaNa surrounded by the rudra troop
देववत् adj. devavat guarded or surrounded by gods
कक्ष m. kakSa any place surrounded by walls
अविबुध m. avibudha not surrounded by learned men
ललनावरूथिन् adj. lalanAvarUthin surrounded by a troop of women
स्त्रीवृत adj. strIvRta surrounded or attended by women
वृत्य adj. vRtya to be surrounded or encompassed
वेष्टनीय adj. veSTanIya to be surrounded or wound round
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