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सुषम adj. suSama splendid
सुसम adj. susama well-proportioned
सुसम adj. susama perfectly level or smooth
सुषम adj. suSama easily intelligible
सुषम adj. suSama very even
सुसम adj. susama better than middling
सुषमा f. suSamA splendour
सुषमा f. suSamA kind of metre
सुषमा f. suSamA and the fifth in an utsarpiNI
सुषमा f. suSamA second ara or spoke of a time-wheel in an avasarpiNI
सुषमा f. suSamA exquisite beauty
सुषमा f. suSamA particular plant
सुषम mfn suSama very beautiful
सुषम n. suSama happy year
सुषामन् adj. suSAman peaceful
सुसामन् n. susAman good negotiation
सुसामन् n. susAman conciliatory words
सुषामन् n. suSAman beautiful song
सुसमाप्त adj. susamApta well finished or done
सुसमाहित adj. susamAhita having the mind intently fixed or absorbed on a subject or object
सुसमाहित adj. susamAhita well laden
सुसमाहित adj. susamAhita beautifully adorned
सुसमाहित adj. susamAhita well arrayed or repaired
सुसमाहित adj. susamAhita very concentrated
सुसमाहित adj. susamAhita very intent or attentive
सुसमाहित adj. susamAhita very intense
सुसमाहित adj. susamAhita perfectly fit or suitable
सुसमाकृत adj. susamAkRta well furnished or supplied with
सुसमासीन adj. susamAsIna comfortably seated
सुसमाश्रित adj. susamAzrita well stationed
सुसमारब्ध adj. susamArabdha very energetic in enterprise
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